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When are you expecting the next Calima? Do you already know?
It's impossible to tell Meschugga. It can happen anytime, thankfully not very often.

Sunny for all today. 25C. :sun :sun
As forecast over a week ago, the hot weather arrived today with temperatures into the mid 30s. Clear skies. :really
I have booked a surprise week to Sun Tropical Island, Playa Blanca, Lanzarote for Hubbys 50th birthday going on 27th Feb. Anyone able to tell me what weather we can expect. Thanks
Mid 20's C during the day, shorts & T-shirt weather. Swim in the sea if you don't mind it being a bit cold. Cool in the evenings, a jacket or light sweater is advised. Very occasional rain shower. You can get badly burned by the sun so plenty of sun-screen is needed.
bawbee hasn't posted in a while. He had been unwell quite recently so I hope everything is ok
Hiya, anyone out there now with a weather report?
:D Jayne :D
There's a daily one on Trip Advisor, or check the Spanish Met Office forecast (Aemet).
It's been raining this morning and more is forecast. The sky is filled with great big grey clouds! It's still 22C though
Oh no! Don't want rain, get enough of that here, grrrr!! lol

When it's not raining, is it warm enough to swim in the outdoor pool and sunbathe?

:D Jayne :D
When the sun pops out from behind the clouds it's very warm, so yes to the sunbathing and swimming.
Have been to the beach in PDC today and it was hot there. However, there is a weather report for strong winds and rain starting from 18th November. Hope it doesn't come true!
Oh no, booooooo! I hope not. Fingers crossed they've got it wrong!
:D Jayne :D
Here you are Jayne, I use the Spanish (aemet) site for my trips to mainland Spain, personally, I find it the most accurate amongst them all.

Sanji x
Apart from those of us who live on the island!!!!

When do you arrive Jayne?
madsue wrote:
Apart from those of us who live on the island!!!!

I know you live on the island!!!!
I was just saying that amongst all the weather sites out there, I find the aemet site the most accurate. I was trying to be helpful by posting the link, as a previous post mentioned the aemet site......but if you want to be HT's long range meteorologist, carry on.....I'll not bother in future posting a link that might help others.


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