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Hi there

sorry i don't really know the answer to your question, but i know that a lot of people go to Turkey in April, so i would assume that it will be quite busy.
I often go in April and it is quiet but beautiful with all the spring flowers out. Most places get going around 1st May and have shut down by the end of October. I find pools a tad cool in May and can just about slide in by June but you may be more able to tolerate cooler water than me. May/June is my favourite time of the year.
Most places season starts 1st May and finishes 31st October so you will be fine when you go.
Great, I fly on the 29th, get there on the 30th and come home on the 6th.

And now I find out its the end of season.

Ummm is anything open between these dates in Marmaris?
Dont panic it will be quiet but there will still be places open in Marmaris. Are you staying in a hotel? I expect that will have things going on. Recently they have had some bad weather but often at the end of October you can have some very sunny days and the sea could still be warm enough to swim in. There should be some good sales in the shops. This would be a very good time to get out and about and hire car rates should be cheap.
Dont plan on hiring a car just relaxing in the Grand Pasa Hotel and browsing around for a week.

Regards and thanks.
Have a great time. Looks like the weather is sunny now too.

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