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Address: San Stefanos, Corfu, Greece
Stamatis Apartments
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Stamatis Apartments Stamatis Apartments is rated 2 out of 5 from 1 Review
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L Barnes visited the Stamatis Apartments Hotel in April 2009
we stayed at the stamatis with our family, we all had our own rooms.ours and my brothers apartments were disgusting! on arrival we found the toilet bin was still full of dirty toilet tissue from previous occupants. the room was dark, smelly and wardrobes fusty, we didnt hang any clothing in them all the holiday.The mattres was soiled and after complaining to the rep we did get this changed. We expected basic accomadation but this was the pits! We wasted 2days of our holiday waiting about for the rep Kris to help us but he was no help at all, he just said we would be compensated with a bottle of wine! He was very rude to us and in the end didnt want to know. It really ruined our stay.We wont ever stay at the Stamatis again!

Tour Operator: thomson
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