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Address: Avenue du General Kettani, Agadir, Morocco
Royal Mirage Hotel
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Royal Mirage Hotel Royal Mirage Hotel is rated 4 out of 5 from 1 Review
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Cleanliness 4 stars
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Food 3 stars
Service 5 stars
Location 4 stars

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dave & christine visited the Royal Mirage Hotel in September 2009
First things first, this is not a 5 star hotel has some companys make out, 15 years ago maybe but not now 3 star hotel more likely. Then again 5 star staff, bend over backwards for you, they were all superb and we couldn\'t have asked for any better. Nice pool but terrible loungers, gorgeous reception area good lifts and big rooms with nice balconys (although ours had the top railing very insecure which obviously is a serious health risk especially on the 5th floor) massive bed (2 big singles pushed together) adequite shower, bath, bidet etc clean towels every day, room cleaned every day, little fridge (ours didn\'t work though but was replaced once asked) great plasma tv, eurosport or cnn the only English speaking options. Hotel centrally located which was ideal for us. The dining room was large ...
but not air conditioned and even at 10am at breakfast it was very warm, the staff again were great you need to ask first day for either pancakes or fried eggs they will automatically sort you out every morning after (well they did for us, but there were very few in the hotel so may be different if full) Overall we were well happy with the hotel and very impressed with the staff.

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