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At 115,000 tons and some 290 meters long, Ventura is the largest superliner ever built for the British market. Her vast scale and acres of deck space have allowed her designers a remarkable opportunity in which to introduce new features, new additions and new experiences, which will appeal to all the family.

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11 years 2 months ago
We had been lucky enough to get invited on to this ship before it was launched, as a brand new ship it was spotless, staff could be seen putting the final the final coat of paint here and there,staff in the restaurants wore gloves and used gel to keep hands clean.

The food was as you would expect from P&O, first class and most important it was hot and fresh,

I found the staff to be the same as any other Ship I have sailed on, first class and always on hand to help,

As for the entertainment every lounge had some form of music, its just a case of finding a bar that takes your fancy, there was lots for the children to do, so it may be better for couples to avoid the school holidays

The down side, I saw passengers in show lounges with their feet on the chairs, one chap had his feet on a coffee table, it makes you wonder why people pay so much for a cruise then treat it with utter contempt.

For people in wheelchairs the only problem is on top deck, doors are a bit tight, but else where the doors are automatic making getting round the ship a pleasure.

Here endeth the first lesson and I look forward to cruising on this ship in the near future.

Travel operator: solo

11 years 2 months ago
Our balcony stateroom was L259 and was on on the Lido deck. It was small with and not quite finished, some areas had not had the final trim screwed on and there were some empty screw holes here and there. My husband pressed one light switch and it disappeared into the wall as if nothing was holding it from the other side. Although we had curtains, there were no sheers, although the track was in place for sheers.

Our room was right beneath the reception for the spa so once they opened at 8am, all we could hear was clip clop on the tiles above our heads, this noise also disturbed our afternoon nap and it took three separate complaints to get something done about it. In the end, the best they could do was ask the reception girls to go barefoot.

We adore dressing for dinner and dining in the main restaurant but the service in the Cinnamon restaurant was so slow very poor indeed that we decided to eat in the Waterside buffet restaurant. It seemed that even if you had a table for two you had to wait for fellow tables of two in the same serving area to start the next course so if you decided for instance not to have a starter you would still have to wait for other tables to have their starter before they would serve you main course totally bizarre.

I found the choices of food very poor in the Waterside buffet restaurant, there were many dishes that were not labelled and the staff did not seem to know what was in some of the food, I don't eat meat and when I would query what was in the dish was it meat or fish the waiter would say he wasn't sure, when we queried this with a head waiter, he said that they were on a two week menu cycle and by the time the dish came back around, they would know what it was. This didn't help us as we were only on for two weeks.

The steamed vegetables would be coated in butter and foods would be covered in cream sauces and fried there seemed to be very few healthy choices.

The shows were good but you didn't see much of the Cruise Director. He even had his own channel on the in cabin TV's but there was never anything on it, just a blank screen.

We experienced a little bit of a rough sea one night and the water from the pool spilled into the Waterside restaurant damaging the carpet not well thought out design.

The smoking area in the Tamarind Club is awful because you have no option but to walk through the smoke to get to the Havana Club There is also a large smoking area in The Exchange Bar and the smoke drifts.

There is not a dedicated disco area the Havana becomes the disco after the shows have finished

They seem to push the salon treatments more than any other ship I have been on they seem to put leaflets in your hand at every opportunity

The Casino is Good and the staff there are excellent.

Would I cruise again on the Ventura ? Never

Travel operator: P&O

N. Campbell
12 years ago
I have just returned from 2weeks on Ventura and I preface my following remarks by saying I had a good holiday primarily due to the people I met,the ports I visited. the food I ate and service I experienced.
Having enjoyed P&O cruises for over 12 years how do I summarise Ventura. Well. It is an expensive ship built on the cheap. Any one who has experienced earlier built ships in the fleet will know what I mean.
I can relate many examples but I limit myself to two.
1.Promenade Deck
It is not made of wood but some fake wood substance which is already beginning to blister!! One blister has a 'head' on it nearly the size of a football!! It is a potential hazard.
2.Beachcomber Pool
After only 6 weeks full service the special blue paint which lines the pool is already peeling and the special masonry paint round the edge of the pool is flaking and crumbling and ugly brown cracks are beginning to show.
The pool clock could be sited in a better place so that everyone wherever they are seated can see it.

A clear absence in the quality of build.

I have to be honest and say I found the ship a disappointment and limit my comments to the following:-

Not as large as I had expected and the small coffee table had to be moved each time you wished to access the fridge. There was an obvious shortage of drawers. The double bed was very comfortable.
The cabin was spotless and was kept in that way throughout the cruise.
2. Saffron Restaurant
The restaurant is dull with a plastic look about it. Far from impressive.
The bench seating for tables of two was reminiscent of the local cafe and the close proximity of other diners intimidating. Fortunately we had very likeable and enjoyable 'neighbours'
What has happened to the dinner announcements? Sadly missed and would not cost anything to reintroduce.
The quality of food was well up to the standard I have come to expect from P&O.
4.The White Room
I found this a disappointment bearing in mind Marco Pierre White is the advisor and creator of the meals. Ambience and staff excellent but everything else was no greater than average e.g the choice of menu; the quality and presentation of food.
Our Cabin Steward was the best we have encountered for some time on P&O ships.
Restaurant Stewards and Wine Steward were as usual well mannered, courteous and attentive.
As a diabetic I was well looked after by one of the Head Waiters. Each and everyone of them add to the enjoyment of the cruise.
There is none. Showing a film in a public area i.e. a bar or showroom and the fact the seating is not tiered does not enhance the enjoyment of the film.

7. PA System
The worst we have encountered on any P&O and Cunard ship. It was inaudible in the Saffron Restaurant when lunch or dinner was in full swing. The public areas were not much better.
8. Metropolis Bar
Not as exciting as it is made out to be! It is definitely no substitute for the Crows Nest.
9. Adult Entertainment
Whoever thought this one up and whoever endorsed it should be thrown overboard!! On a family ship?
The entertainers-I use the term very loosely-perform in a public area which was accessed by children who were still about the ship at the time of the performance!!
10 Overall Entertainment
Overall it was no more than good. A couple of the shows by the Ventura Theatre Co. were very good but two of them were to do with self indulgence of the creator,director etc. and not entertainment. The people leaving the theatre were testimony to that.
The Arena Theatre is excellent.
As for the cabaret artistes this is a bit like the Curates Egg. Some of them should be retired permanently along with the individual who hires them.
11. Gym
An excellent facility but it should be sited elsewhere on the ship.


There is so much more I could comment on e.g. the absence of barbecues,curry nights, seafood lunches,a decent adult swimming pool etc. etc. etc. but I stop here.

Clearly Ventura is designed solely for families. This I accept but P&O should not continue to claim it is a ship for everyone. It isn't. It is also a pity the next ship is being built on the same lines.

Will I return to Ventura? The answer is NEVER!! Next year it is Aurora and in the years thereafter.


Travel operator: P&O

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