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Aww that's awful. Please let us know how your mam gets on.

Have you tried you may get a cheaper number to call.
Within minutes of booking they rang back to say the flights were not available from Norwich.i immediately said ok I'll cancel but the reply was it will cost £20 pp cancellation fee so we agreed to carry on... they Rushed the booking through so quickly I didn't understand the terms etc and I mean QUICK ... normally the company you're booking with mentions flight times and I kick myself for not asking as it's a v important part of the hol so we end up going from Luton.. hence xtra petrol expense, parking and time ... at the airport our luggage had not been included so more expense!! Reached fuerventura the apartment for 4 adult woman was adequate for 2 adults and 2 small children hence we upgraded more expense... never the less we had a lovely holiday . On our return we emailed travelservicegroup several times and they agreed to reimburse us £220 for unnecessary expenses but are still waiting...our holiday was back in March... !!
Reading up on different sites ie trip advisor etc there is a vast amount of complaints going back over a few yrs ,how this company is still trading I shall never know so anyone and everyone DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY !!!!

Helen Croft
This morning I got an email from 321. They've sorted the hold luggage so that's one less thing/cost to worry about.
Definitely a step in the right direction. Possibly down to the review I wrote, possibly not. Either way I feel a bit better.
My mum's well up for it today.
As long as there's no more Cockups or suprises we can put this one down as a lesson learnt and enjoy our holiday.

Thanks for your thoughts
Hi same thing happened to me they charged for 2 siutcases 80 quid when we arrived at airport ryanair said there was no suitcases paid for so had to pay another 80 pound same comeing back so we phoned travelate in january they said will send me a check dor 160 pound im still waiting and there phone number does not work now they are rip off merchants also changed price on holliday absolute scumbags
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