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Quite a few operators are showing availibility from Cardiff to Lanarca that day for 7 days. Who did you book your sons flights with?
Thanks sunbear for replying.

We have booked with First Choice
Son is booked with Olympic Holidays.

They said they can get him on a flight from birmingham to larnaca (but birmingham is a fair distance away) without the expense of transport which he does not have??

He has never been abroad alone before and is a little bit daunted about having to get to Birmingham.

Check your Olympic booking conditions....this looks like a significant change in which case you could withdraw from the booking if you wanted to and get a refund - best to have a word with Olympic to confirm this or your agent. Does the letter they have sent you not give you that option?

If you choose to go from Birmingham International its a fairly easy airport to get too, by rail or car - although rail travel on a Sunday can be a bit iffy. Done it many a time from the South Wales area myself.
Sunbear, thank you for your reply,
I will go to travel agents tomorrow and try and book him with someone else, and get in touch with Olympic Holidays and get a refund as the alternative they are offfering me is not acceptable to us,

thank you again for your help

Hi Sunbear,
Just to let you know ,I have been given a Full Refund and also have booked another Package Holiday for the same airport and flight time as the rest of the family.
Apparently Olympic Holidays have cancelled all their flights for this year.
Travel Agent said its due to a "falling out" with First Choice.

What a relief :D

Thanks for your help again.

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