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We did 2 years ago and spent the last four days of our hols.
We bought a fixed week biannually in beach club and spent 2 weeks there this year. We changed our package to a yearly floating week in Monte.
Timeshare is not for everyone and the Anfi is not cheap. We have taken package holidays (and not cheap ones either) but found the majority of accomodation to be very poor. If I am paying £1,500 for three of us to stay for 2 weeks in Gran Can, then I do not expect to have to hire basics like a kettle or to be kept awake by the hooligan element.
Our membership is for life so will pay for itself in a few years.
My parents bought into Anfi and since then I went back 4 times in one year. It is really good place to stay only 3 euros to Puerto Rico!

But some are not that good, we got ropped into going to one in Tenerife, it wasn't even built yet and we went back two years later and it atill was no where near finished!

Anfi is just the best place in the world!!!!! I love it............... :D
Agree with you there, mum!
yes done the long tedious tour .bought a week at puerto then upgraded to gran anfi, didnt get to go last year and probably not htis year either, ,reckon its the kinda holiday if you want a lot of luxury, would definately recommend it
We bought at Anfi Beach Club in 1994. The tour in those days was only 60 - 90 mins as the complex was a lot smaller.

We bought then and have added weeks since vis the resale market.

Never regretted it for a minute and love our weeks there every year
a mate of mine is going there in october..anyone know what it is like..aparantly it is a time share complex...any info or reports would be much appreciated..many thanks...
Val and Rob' the place is stunning. The reps will grip them with the hard sell as they will be invited to a consultation. It is Timeshare (not a vacation club although Anfi do have their own) Your friends wil not have to take towels, bath robes, dish wash or washing powder as it is all provided as is a little shampoo and shower gel. Wont need too many clothes either as the appartments have a washer, tumble dryer. loads on sky tv including BBc 1,2 and Channel 4
Which complex are they staying in?
We were at Beach Club but now own at Monte which is quieter.
The Anfi Beach is open tothe public as all the beaches are owned by the King of Spain. Now Anfi owners have to pay for brollies and loungers so the pools, especially Beach is noticeably more crowded. For a chill out time it is great and you dont have to pay a fortune on excursions to get away from dire accomodation.
I'm sure they will love it
helen..they are staying at the Anfi beach Club. I am sure they will enjoy it too..after all, a holiday is what you make it..
yes we bought a week 3 years ago

we visited Anfi last year and spent a nice afternoon there despite being dragged round with the little ones for a few hours. We loved the place but cannot afford the yearly or bi-annual packages, so in the end decided to go for the offer of 2 weeks this year for £2000 including 800 euros towards flights. Can't really afford that either but decided to have a last treat before several years of no holidays at all to do up our house.

I have looked very carefully at all the paperwork, and note that we can't get our 800 euros until the second week of the holiday. Will we be pressured into buying then? Will they make it difficult to get our 800 euros back? We are relying on having it for our spending money! Hope someone can give some advice.
Hi Kazzadred
We purchased a bi annual week at Beach Club (we now own annual floating at Monte) and were "given" a bonus week plus EU600 towards our flights. We had little trouble booking the bonus week having banked and rebooked our fixed bi-annual one for July last year. Mind you, get in early. We did have to change from Beach Club to Monte for our second week but the porters move every thing for you once it is packed (they even brought the bag of rubbish by mistake!!!) We had no probs claiming the money back for the flights either. If I remember right, you go to the customer services (bottom of Monte) with the vouchers and your passport. It took a coouple of days to receive the cash as they have to process it. I seem to remember having to produce our flight tickets and details too.
We only received the bonus week and EU600 when we bought into Anfi.

You will be hassled by the reps to purchase. Just say no. Enjoy the place while you are there but try to book asap bcause the places are like gold dust during the British school hols.

Let us know how you get on.
(ps - if you really want to own at Anfi - try to purchase a private can pick them up for about £4000.....soooooooo much cheaper)
Me again Kazzadred

When I said "given" a bonus week, there was a fee of about 95EU - - details shoud be on the back of you voucher.
THanks helen for your input. I have already booked and we're off on 29 July. I've booked the transfers and the insurance so we're all ready and eager to get off without a hitch. I always worry about my holidays until I am physically there in the accommodation - thankfully we've only been disappointed once in Majorca. I do expect them to do the hard sell but will be strong! I would probably think more about buying if flights weren't so damned expensive and having to go in school holidays. THe one thing that really tempted me last year was being able to exchange anywhere in the world and they have places in Japan which is my dream holiday - maybe when I meet my rich Piscean I was promised by a palmreader!!

Thanks again, Karen :P
Resales at any section of Anfi are available from many resale agents in the UK or from the Anfi UK Members' Group website
What do I need to bring with me when I come in July? I remember the rep saying I didn't need anything like washing powder, dishwasher tabs etc but does anyone have an inventory so I don't bring anything unneccesarily.
You will NOT need to take the following:-
Washing powder
Dishwasher tablets
Washing up liquid and cloths
Towels for the apartment
Towels for the beach
Dressing gowns /robes
A small amount of tea bags, coffee sachets and sugar are supplied to see you through the first day/night.
There is a supermarket in the plaza and a small shop beside the Anfi Beach Club reception or on Gran Anfi ground floor.

These are probably the things most people might think about taking but these are supplied.

If you cane think of anything else you might want please let me know. I only came back from Anfi on Monday so have recent knowledge of what is available
Kazza - you can pre-order a welcome pack with the basics like jam marg , milk (about EU 10 if I remember) but you can put additions on there for extra cost. Last year we added bread and 8 cans of Fosters (for him indoors). There should be a form with your booking, if not, enquire at Anfi. The debit will appear on your first bill.

DON'T forget to ring them, I think it is about a month before your arrival to confirm - else they think you have cancelled!!
Did you get the 2 weeks in the same appartment? I fly out on 9th August so could meet up.

By the way, I,m Pisces but female and certainly not wealthy!!!!!!!!

You've worried me there - it doesn't say anything about confirming a month before, only when you book your transfer which I've already done.

I've booked a ground floor apartment in Anfi Beach Club they didn't say I would have to change apartments at the time of booking though, they gave me a choice of numbers and I chose the ground floor one. Saves me worrying about my fearless 4 year old daughter climbing!

We haven't actually joined Anfi, we got an 18 month membership when we signed up for a 2 week holiday that we could take any time in the following 18 months, so that will run out in April 07. I'm really looking forward to a super luxurious holiday before the next few holiday free years - I will make it the best yet if it kills me!

Any more advice is greatly appreciated.

karen 8)
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