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good luck :lol: :lol: :lol:

would not fancy that myself but i believe that there is a differant route to try that is longer but easier if you get what i mean, anyone thinking of doing this needs to look at toll costs and costs to bring a vehicle not regesteriied here in to turkey, there are lots of regualtions concerning this and how long the vehicle can be here, it vmust be registered in your passport and you have to have a valid residecncy visa. this i do know

I would not do the drive that was suggested.Lots of problems at Border Controls and lots of ' Cash ' required.If you are coming for a holiday, drive to Switzerland, down to Alcona in Italy and then take the Ferry to Ã"¡esme in Turkey.Ã"¡esme is the port of Izmır.Not cheap on paper but at the end of the day no more expensive than what you have to pay at certain Border Controls. If you are coming to live here ! then do not bring your car under any circumstance. It will cost you a fortune ( I have one ) and a Bond that is Frozen at your Bank ( Not peanuts either ) and if you want to go on holiday without it you have to leave it at the nearest Customs Compound. Good Luck.

Must cost a fortune in petrol in them old cars described in first post, Not the best cars to have per gallon. why not just fly and save 5 and a half days...
I don't mind long drives myself, but i would not consider this one.

For my liking there are too many unknown countries to pass through, and I would not feel comfortable.
I would, rightly or wrongly be concerned about driving through,
Serbia & Montenegro

I would be worried about having to stop at an ambush and being threatened and being robbed, and then having my car taken off me.

This might prove to be totally incorrect,, and these places might be as safe as houses to drive through, but they just sound suspect.
I hope I don't offend anyone, but perhaps some one who has done the trip could shed more light and information on the trip, should I consider the run later next year or so.
we drove around slovenia this year and to the border of croatia without any problems at all and infact it was absolutely beautiful, we met quite a few people that had driven into croatia and had no problems, in the past i have driven all around europe when some of these countries were then yugoslavia and spent a year driving around and onto egypt and had a wonderful time.im unsure why you would worry about these countries.
Can't understand why anyone would be worried about driving in Croatia, it's a major holiday destination and thousands of mainland Europeans drive there every year (including myself) . I am always more worried about being carjacked or mugged when visiting the UK.
Lorries are plying the UK Turkey route everyday, in fact pre 79 they used to drive to Iran :shock:
hi rik,
how much red tape is involved in bringing a car with us to turkey and how much would the costs be roughly,we want to retire early and move to either turkey or spain,and i dont really want to leave my 66 classic behind, :thanks
Hi All,
What an interesting subject to discuss, However; I am 10 years and 10 months late in catching up with your chat.

If anyone still have any questions about this journey then please let me know, as I have made the journey 5 time since 2011, and will be happy to assist.

As a matter of fact, we are setting off again in 3 weeks time, and we could do with driving in a convoy of maybe 3 to 4 cars if anyone is up for it ! :))
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