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My partner, Trish did.
Berengaria School, Limassol (?)
As a surprise for her 60th this year I wanted to hire a Bedford bus and have a drive past the school, but it would appear it has been demolished.
Probably still do the bus thing though.
She and her familt were billeted with a Cypriot family in Limassol.
That would have been in the late 50s.
My husband went to episkopi primary school. he can't remember exactly when but he thinks he left about a year before the split.
Samr, your hubby must have left about 1 year after me, so probably at St Johns at the same time.

Does he remember the Tornado that ripped through Limassol ?, if so we defo were there at the same time.
Attended berengaria school from 1966-1969 would have been 11 when we returned to the UK dad was posted at akrotiri such a great life school till 12.00 and down to the beach (lady mile beach Limassol) for the rest of the day. Had the pleasure to return on numerous occasions such a lovely island and the Cypriots are just wonderful people
my nephew spent 2 years at a local primary( he is 19 now) Pretty laid back- home by early afternoon. Also they had a couple of unofficial days off when staff informed parents there was no school the next day as the staff were having a night out!!
I did the standard 6 months at Berengaria school before finishing of the rest of the 3 year tour at Akrotiri Primary. From 1979-1982ish.

I was born in 73 in Akrotiri on my folks first tour but was refugeed out in 1974 as we were living in Limassol when the Coup started.
Do you miss Cyprus now?
Yes. We are going there in 4 weeks time!!! My folks, myself and partner and Sister and partner to do some reminiscing!!

We have all been back for holidays over the years but never all together as a family! We'll be visiting some old places, the hiring in Limassol etc.
I am pretty envious of my sister living there when I see the sunny photos and the outdoor living while we still have to have our heating on!
Enjoy your holiday :fly :sun2
My family were in Limassol between 69 and 72. I went to Berengaria Infants and my brother to the jnrs. We lived in Madrid St, my dad was in the RAF at Akrotiri. We have great memories- the tornado, police Stn being blown up and finishing school early to go to the beach or the Island Club. Mum is 80 this year so going back to reminisce.
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