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Thanks Sanji. I'd never have thought of them investing in hotels outside of their region.
This news doesn't surprise me because Spain has been a major trading partner of Cuba for some years and both governments have expressed their intent over the last few years to encourage greater investment by Spanish companies. Other Spanish hotel chains eg Melia, and their various brands such as Trypp and Sol, and Iberostar operate many of the big resort hotels already under joint venture arrangments and it's no surprise that other Spanish hotel chains have seen the opportunities.

Golf isn't big in Cuba for either residents or visitors - the few courses that there are are leftovers from the pre-Revolutionary American country club era so it looks as if they have identified a potentially lucrative niche market. Most tourists stay in and around their AI complex but as the article mentions, a growth in golf based complexes really does open up the possibilities for golf tours based on travelling around the island in order to play on a number of courses as well as having a beach holiday. It's certainly something that has taken off in other countries.
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