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not as far as I know. I think the tax was introduced mainly to the islands. I am sure Sanji would know.
Atm..... There's only 2 places in Spain ... Catalonia and the Balearic islands with a tourist tax. There won't be one in Benidorm for 2018 because the 'law' had to go before the Valencian parliament and the deadline 31st October 2017 wasn't met.

Sanji x
Brill thanks Sanji - star
I'm in Spain atm, a very quick booking made on Monday morning and flew from Donny airport at 6 am for 6 days to celebrate Dave's 76th birthday tomorrow.

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"The Consell discards to implant the tourist rate in the two laws of their budgets for 2018"
Personally I don't agree with this tax. I went to Ibiza for my 70th birthday during easter week. It was decided between my son and Dave, my son flew from Hong Kong to Madrid and then ibiza.
We stayed in 5* boutique apartments in Ibiza town that were very nice but also very expensive. We put plenty of euros into the economy eating each night in posh restaurants..... To give you an idea, the bill was €400 on 2 occasions for the meal and a few gin/tonics, (4 of us.)........I don't drink and had water and a 'Sprite' so actually only 3 were drinking.

On checking out of the apartments I had to pay another €17.70 eco tax.
It's not the money, it's the principal.

Sanji x
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