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When I have driven down through France I have found Valance, Just South of Lyon to be a good 1st night stop if you want to get a good portion of the journey out of the way. The motorway (A7) goes straight through the town so any hotel is only minutes from it. There was a very nice Etap just off the junction. It may be an Ibis budget now. Avoid Paris by taking the A26 via Troyes and Reims.

If you are thinking of doing all autoroute then consider getting an telepaege transponder which will remove all waiting times at tolls.
I have just googled your resort and it is a good way down Spain. Would 2 overnight stops be better?
Thanks that's really helpful, I will look at the ibis website tomorrow. I think you are right and we will need to have two over night stops.
I think as Hi De Hi says you would be better to have two overnight stops, It's over two thousand kilometres to your destination from Calais and you won't be starting driving in France till after 6pm on your first day. If you intend driving the Lyon route you may want to make your first overnight stop in the Dijon area as Lyon is well over 700km from Calais. You may not even get that far. There are some Budget Ibis Hotels in the Dijon area where you could stay for the night.

If you could tell us the route you are going to drive we could probably help you with giving a few possible places for overnight stops.
That would be great. We will work out the route over the weekend and then I will get back to you.
Thanks again
HI, I work in a travel company and will be happy to share
tips about the city
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