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Do you have a holiday complaint? For help and advice post in here.
There has been a deluge of bad reviews on them so doubt you are on your own on that front.
Hi Lynne,

Thank you for your comments, we value customer satisfaction very highly at Alpharooms and as such your comments will be forwarded to the relevant department. Please accept my sincere apologies for the obvious inconvenience you have suffered.

In order to obtain the best prices and availability, we operate a live booking system. Regrettably, this does mean that in rare instances we may not be able to honour the stated price at the time of confirming your order.

Once again please accept my apologies for the this.

Kind Regards,

Jake - kudos for trying to address the issue and post a reply, however, your message does not make any sense at all. If you operate a live booking system to get the best prices and availability, how can you then not honour the price stated at the time of the order, when it is live?

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Tried 3 times to book a room which was advertised half price, paid a deposit each time only to be told that the room had doubled in price. You may wonder why I tried 3 times but I have an autistic son who I had already shown the pictures of the hotel to, so as you can imagine I tried really hard to book it.
Every time I went on Alpha rooms website the said hotel had been reduced by a couple of pounds and today had been reduced by £70!!! Surely when I put my dates in if the room is not avaliable it shouldn't be shown. On one occasion the guy on the phone did say I could book the room (so they did have availability) but I would have to pay double the price for it.
I am absolutely disgusted that they can be allowed to advertise in this way
"Tried 3 times to book a room which was advertised half price, paid a deposit each time only to be told that the room had doubled in price."

Oh dear you could have a problem here. I assume you paid by card so I suggest you check your account as soon as possible. Each time you clicked to pay a deposit then it is quite likely that you have been charged so have in effect three bookings.

The old tale "only one room left" is a common marketing practice for some firms to encourage you to book.
Only paid once online the other times were over the phone.
Surely advertising like this should be policed in some way
I booked a hotel with Alpharooms - facilities included breakfast. When we checked in (evening) the hotel didn't mention it, but as it was late I didn't question. When we came down for breakfast the first morning I asked where breakfast was - they said that there was no restaurant and hadn't been for several weeks. The hotel said they were sorry and they would refund me $180 but that as I booked through alpharooms they would need to refund. For the remaining 4 days i repeatedly called Alpharooms who claimed they couldn't phone me back (??) so i wasn't able to sort whilst i was out and had to pay double for breakfast out of the hotel. I emailed when I was back to be told that i needed to complain to a separate email address, which I did. This was on 16 Sept. I have FINALLY had an acknowledgement on 22 October to tell me they're going to take another 28 days to review. There's nothing to review!! The hotel agreed to refund - just do it. The main issue is no one wants to take ownership or fix the issue - presumably they hope you'l give up and just walk away - not likely - trying to scam people out of money. I will now be invoicing them for all of the time spent in trying to resolve this - all of which could have been resolved whilst I was there with a simple refund.
You don't value customers at all otherwise you would deal with their complaints and not try to scam them out of their hard earned cash!
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