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Discussions for EX-Pats and owners abroad or those who are considering this idea.
Tenerife??? is a bit vague. where and what exactly are you thinking of??

North or South.??

Coastal areas or inland??

1 bed or 2 beds??

Apartment or Villa.??

Holiday home/rentals or Residential only??

Resale or new build??


You need to sort these issues before embarking on a serious search. Then I can give you some pointers.

8)Either a studio apt or 1 bed apt in the south looking at Los Cristianos with a view to use and rent out?
......we have also recently purchased an apartment - in PDLA,see www link - and have received lots of advice and gained much knowledge from this forum, both here and in the Tenerife section; after all, there are a large number of apartment owners, and we can all learn something from someone else's experiences.

My advice would be first to read the best book relating to the subject - Buying a home in Spain, by David Hampshire. Most bookshops have it, or you might be lucky enough to find it in your local library. The book is updated every year, and contains all the info needed - and more !
Happy to share our experience.
Looking back I would have done some things differently, but its still one of the best moves we made.

Have sent a pm

Lawson 8)
Got to agree with Lawson! Despite all the twists and turns and delays (manana effect) 6 weeks = 6 months to get things done. It is still the best move we have ever made.
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