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Are you a Caravan Club Member ???

some of their own sites do seasonal pitches some do Storage
Also some Certified Locations (open to members only) do storage and put your van on pitch for when you need it

Worth £25 of anyones money
Thanks for your reply; yes I am a caravan club member but wouldn't you know it, in all the years I've paid for it I don't think I've ever actually stayed on one of their sites!

Anyway, family circumstances have changed and our lovely new caravan is now looking at a summer in storage until 2006....such a shame, I thought about it and decided I would never be able to work all the gadgets and gizmos, I'm so used to my husband doing all the hard work, I just sit back and say 'well done dear' a lot! So, another year stuffed up by him having to go away but never mind, as we keep reminding ourselves a caravan is for life, not just for this year!
You want to try a CC site you may have to book some off them months in advance but for facilites they are good and the added advantages are
1/ NO bar
2/ NO statics
3/ Good Wardens
4/ a lot cheaper than commercial sites and usually a much
higher standard of facilities

CL's are a really good economy site some only having water and waste points but some are fully up to CC site standard and there are only places for 5 'vans (one of my favourites is £5.50 a night with free fishing)

check the CC bok they list who does storage and seasonal pitches - could mean you get to use it more and your Hubby may get to relax
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