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i've just had a look it seems very cheap where's the catch? has anyone booked with these before?
Its a little odd they are still offering the Jack Tar in DR, it was renovated last year and became a Holiday Village.
The prices also do not include transfers, fuel tax etc.
:o Please someone reassure me! I have just booked 2 weeks through Caribbean Warehouse the two guys I spoke to seemed very knowledgeable. The one had actually stayed at the Bahai Principe. We have paid a supplement to stay at the Hacienda Club which they say is quieter than in the main buildings. Panicking a bit after reading this, any suggestions how I can check them out. They have returned my call and said all confirmed and the docs are in the post. They also told me all taxes, supplements and transfers were included, even booked veg meal on flight. We are going out from Birmingham on 23rd April !! We hope.
they are Atol bonded and part of Blue Bay travel which I think is quite a reputable company. I think you'll be fine!!
I am about to book with them also. Their rates are highly competitive and I beleive they are part of the respectable Blue Bay Group which works under the Global Travel Group which are ATOL protected.

They also confirmed that all taxes including fuel charges and other surcharges such as inflight meals and private transfers ARE included.

Don't worry mate, you just found a hell of a good deal!
Jo & Jill I would like to put your concerns to rest relating to your bookings or potential bookings with my company. Firstly I would like to introduce myself, my name is Stuart Wilson & I am the Managing Director of Blue Bay Travel Ltd.

I am very proud of my company & I can assure you that week after week we continue to expand thanks to all of the repeat customers who come back to us time after time but more importantly those customers who go out of their way to recommend our service.

We not only provide excellent first hand knowledge on all of the resorts we feature through regular visits, but we are also independent giving you access to every product on the market. We are a leading provider for Holidays to the Caribbean & offer fully ATOL protected bookings to every client.

Jill I have requested one of my Sales Managers to contact you as a matter of urgency to ensure you are completely satisfied with our booking process from enquiry to booking & then to our after sales service.

Finally I would like to thank the members who have already highlighted the fact that not only are we ATOL protected but that we are also reputable.

If anybody has any questions they would like me to address or would like to offer any feedback on our website or service please feel free to contact me directly.

**Email removed as per the t&c of the site - Kath HT Admin**
:D Just to update you all, had very nice call from the above company, putting my fears completely at rest. As did Dynamix. In fact I am very impressed to think they go as far as to read reviews, this is the first time this has happened and we have booked extensively worldwide on the net.
The staff are very knowledgeable and seem to have visited most of the places they offer. Which is quite refreshing, after going into a high street Travel Agent and asking for any brochure featuring the Scilly Isles I was promptly given brochures on the Channel Islands !! :roll:

I shall be delighted to post a review of my findings.

Happy Holidays
Good to hear you booked it Jill, congratulations!

And, Stuart - keep up the good work and low prices!!
Hi There Blue Bay,
I am planning a trip to Mexico in 2008, theres at least 12 of us going from NW and possibly up to six going from SE, but when can I start getting prices?
(I did email your co. off the website last week but havent heard anything)
We are hoping to book as early as possible to a) get the best early booking deals, b) get the best flights and exactly the hotel we want.

Its a big trip for us, My 40th, My daughters 18th and our 15th Wedding Anniversary.
We aren't on a limitless budget and I am dying to find out if I can afford the hotel I want.

Not long to wait now, prices will soon be on sale for Summer 2008. Each Tour Opeartor will launch their flight & hotel offers on different dates but you should expect to see prices after Easter. I would estimate some prices will be on sale by W/C 15/04/07.
Thanks for that, I'll give you a call after Easter then, keep that Pencil sharpened :D
Hi Blue Bay, how nice to have a holiday executive on board :)
I am going to book Azul Beach in Mexico and wondered if it is suitable for two women ? or is it quite couplesey.
Please can you start a new topic for the Azul Beach and post any questions in there to prevent this going off-topic. Thank you!

Pippy :D
Finally booked my Mexico trip after a few Hiccups.

After about 3 months of research which included pricing up with US travel agents I Can say that I have been pleased with Caribbean Warehouse, prices were good, I think we got one other that was about £10-15 cheaper but liked that the consultants had visited the hotels and knew the region well. Even knowing the hotel I stayed in 11 years ago that's not there now!!

They gave me good knowledge on the room types and whether upgrades were value for money and even advice on the different airlines.

Wasn't particularly happy with the Hiccup, but I don't think that it was down to Caribbean Warehouse.

So, whilst I havent got there yet, only 59 weeks to go, so far I have been happy with the service and the prices :D :D :D
Am I doing something wrong on this website, as the only thing I get is links to other websites. Have I got the right address http://www.carribeanware....?
I think this is the website you need (note the spelling)....

Pippy :D
thanks for that pippy I'll have to go back to school! :oops:
Thank you all for your positive comments about the service. Our team is extremely well trained & they all have the benefit of first hand experiences through visiting the resorts on a regular basis. We are always looking to improve every aspect of our business & our website is constantly being improved. One new feature which I am sure you will find useful is the Free Call Service. This service connects you to one of our expert travel advisors instantly & best of all its free to use. You can access this service during opening hours from any of our hotel pages.
I hope you enjoy the website & find some excellent deals.
Best Regards
after reading this thread i decided to call caribbean warehouse and i have to say they have been very helpfull (thanks stuart) especially as i keep changing my mind with the destination!!!!

hopefully will be booking very soon through them!!

Vikki x
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