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Don't know anything about the villa, but we have been to Matagorda 3 times and enjoyed it greatly. We are going again in April.
It's a quiet resort, but there are enough bars, restaurants and shops to keep most people happy. No nightclubs or late late bars.
It's close to the airport and there is some noise, but none at night. In fact watching the planes coming on to land is quite exciting in a sad way!
Puerto del Carmen, for a bit more life, is a 30 minute stroll along the promenade or a couple of euros by taxi.
thanks for your reply lewiston, sounds just what we are looking for. got the villa,just gotta find a flight!! have a great holiday in april :D from barry
im also looking for any advice on this villa as im looking to book it for summer 09 holiday and it is reasonably priced, is it central for shops and bars, not too bothered about a busy nightlife just somewere to go for a few drinks ,also would you need a car, thanks!

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