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I also wonder when (or if) expedia or US Airways will drop their prices. I want to book for Vegas for September.

Globespan has a sale on already. Not sure what airports they do to florida though.

We went to Vegas this year in the middle of September for my Wife's 30th. I managed to hold off booking flights and then Virgin Atlantic had a sale (booking was made in July) not to Vegas, but to LA and San Francisco, along with the likes of Boston, NY and Orlando.

I managed to book 2 x return flights with Virgin to LA for £365pp, and then just booked a dirt cheap Southwest flight internally to LV (took 45mins).

I must admit direct is the best way to go but the Vegas flights were £600+pp at that time and the savings made far outweighed the slight hassle of waiting for another flight to LV from LA on Southwest. It also meant that we arrived in LV at dusk and with this being the first time ever we had flown in (3 times previously driven from LA, SF and Fresno respectively) it just made it that extra bit more special.

Good luck with the flight prices but I wouldn't hold out too much hope for LV in September. Now Jan-Mar 08 is a different matter altogether, £300+ pp return I have seen.

Thanks for that. We have always booked quite early, and I think a few times in January. You often get 'expedia special fare' flights. I've not seen any though.

Virgin isn't an option for us as we have to fly from Glasgow. Don't want to do UK internal flights due to the amount of luggage (on the way home :lol: ). That was a good price you got though! And great price for march, but it just isn't our time of year for Vegas. I like the heat!
bmi have a sale on at the moment. Our flights to Vegas for April are cheaper than I paid in November, but the ones for next November are still a bit more than I want to pay. May be worth a look although I can't remember if September is included in the sale dates. Have a funny feeling they're not.

Try then try the airlines' own websites.

luci :wave
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