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We had problems with one of the men working in the supermarket being aggressive and I just wanted to make people that he is aggressive.
Is the supermarket linked to Club Sirocco? If so did you report it to the reception. It would be better to post exactly how he was aggressive, to whom, and why. Did other people witness the aggression, had he been reported before. Are you just wanting to let people know?
This is the supermarket linked to the hotel...we bought some croc shoes whilst on holiday and after two days they broke...I took them back and asked for either a refund or exchange he refused and threw the shoes at me and forced me out of the shop telling me to call the these shoes were bought with my daughters money whom had saved up to go on holiday I decided this was not good enough...I spoke to the rep but the man could not be we contacted the police and he knew that this was going to cost us money due to the spanish police not speaking english anyway about 1 and 1/2 hours later once he realised that it would not cost me anything thanks to a young spanish boy whom could speak English he gave us the money back...

I just want people to be aware that this man is aggressive and think carefully before they buy anything from the shop
Hi Kirsty

I'm really sorry to read of your experience, not nice.

Can I please request however that you don't (on the forum) name the man involved, or go into detail describing him?

Doing so could cause big legal problems for Holiday Truths (and possibly for me personally) should the matter be taken further.

Many thanks.

Pippy :)
Thanks for the details kirsty :) Sorry you had a problem, but your post can now help other people who may have thought to buy in the same place :cheers
I understand legal implications...I do not know the mans name I do not want to slander anybody I just want to make people aware that this man is aggressive and to make people think twice before they buy anything from this shop as his behaviour is unpredictable as he behaved in this manner in front of a number of young children....
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