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I'm sorry to hear about your daughter, but I'm pleased she's fine. That's my biggest dread - something happening to my toddlers when I arrive there in May, and not being able to communicate with dictors! How did you find the medical services over there?
I hope your next holiday goes more smoothly!
The Medical centre standards were spotless, there was one spanish lady and her helper who was german who spoke very good english they were both concerned about my daughters foot and did suspect that she had a hairline fracture but i thought they would have x-rayed it, maybe they just didnt have the facilities. Its ridiculous how much they charge but if you are concerned about the kids and you have the insurance take them to a doctor but dont forget to take the calpol or kids nurofen.

Hope you have a lovely time in may. :D
Has anyone been to Lanzarote Gardens, Costa Teguise recently. I am going there on 14th July with my husband and 14 year old son. Is there any entertainment for my son. I have been to Costa Teguise before, but not to these apartments - It was also about 8 years ago.
Hi Veronica :D

There's a recent review here...

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H10 website...

If you click on Canary Islands, Lanzarote, Costa Teguise, it'll take you to the hotel's info page.
Hi, we went there 2 novembers ago. We have 2 small kids and the hotel is lovely. The rooms are fairly basic but clean. The pool is lovely. The food is excellent. There was entertainment in the hotel every night. Also there was a large outdoor play area (not sure if this would be suitable for a 14 yr old though), tennis courts. The animation team try to get people involved with acitivites during the day. There is mini golf nearby. Also there are lots of nice family bars nearby too. We liked the hook bar in the square. Water park nearby and peurto del carmen is a bus/taxi ride away.
Have a great time

I am booked into the Lanzarote Gardens in Costa Teguise during February. I have 2 small children aged 2 and 5 (aswell as a wife !!) coming with me.
Does anyone know what the Lanzarote Gardens Hotel is like and what attractions Costa Teguise has during February ?.............+ anyone with a crystal ball to give me long range weather forecast (from 8 Feb) would be appreciated :lol: Thanks, Nick

I've merged your post with the existing LG topic. Bawbee's replied to your weather question HERE, if you have further weather related questions, please post in that link :wink:

You'll find some Costa Teguise opinions/info HERE.

Pippy :D
Hi all

Has any one been to this hotle in september, what age do the kids clubs start from.
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