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Hi Serena

Sorry I can't offer much help but in case you haven't seen them we have resort reports HERE.

If anyone can assist by posting a review please do so HERE.

Pippy :)
costa teguise is quite wheel chair friendly the main streets all have ramps and a few steep slopes. the only place you would struggle with a wheelchair would be the beech which has quite rough paths for wheel chairs which you would struggle with.

Sorry can't help with the hotel but hope this helps plus i did see a few wheel chairs whilst i was there in july so it can't be all that bad at all.

Ta Andy

not sure about the big hill in costa teguise ive been 5 times and never had to walk up any hill so dont let that put you off, maybe someone else can comment on the hill but having never seen it i couldn't comment although theres a few in peurto del carmen which i wouldn't like to walk up let alone try and wheel up!!!!!!!

Enjoy your hols
bob is that down towards the beach past lani's and the spar shop its a dead end if im thinking of the same one as you :que

thats only a bit of a hill not worth putting anyone of going to CT :think
I would never put anyone off going to c/t, I said the only small one i know, heres a link to the one i mean, its near the dry river bed :que
Thanks for the replies everyone, much appreciated. Now can someone tell me about Lanzarote gardens
Hi we stayed at lanzarote Gardens in june/july of this year and august last year hotel is excellent for families and has fantastic entertainment for all.
The hotel is split into about six blocks each one has three floors and there are no lifts, However hotel staff are very good and we have always requested a certain room and they have given us it, so if you requested ground floor the lack of lift should not be a problem. Pool area bars and resturant are all flat as is reception. opposite hotel is a shopping center which has ramps/steps down to promanade which leads to beach.
Hope this helps let me know if you have any other questions
Hi Mel :wave: thanks for your reply :tup that's exactly what I wanted to know.
Hi Mel

If you haven't done so already, it would be appreciated if you could post a review of the hotel in the link in Pippy's post above.

luci :wave
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