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Hi sandeel....we stayed at the Paradise Club a couple of years ago and for our last three trips at the "Oasis Lanz. :tup"

Personally I wouldn't recommend staying as far out as the Paradise Club, it feels isolated with no bars near the Apts, it takes around half an hour's steady walk to Playa Bastion and probably forty or so to the centre of CT. There is a free bus (if I remember correctly three times a day) from the Apts to CT.

We always had a taxi at night, which all adds up and although the price may look good when you book these things have to be taken into account. I thought the snacks and drinks were a little pricier at the PC, probably because there was nowhere near to go. If it was me I would check out somewhere nearer the resort.

Taxi into the centre of CT from the airport is 20-25 Euros.

Hope this is of some help....Caz
thanks caz for your reply,to late to change are mind now as we took this as a last minute deal :( oh well never mind will have to make the best of it now will have to find a donkey :cheers
I didn't realise you had booked. Don't worry because the Apts are fine and if it was a late deal you probably won't mind the location. That's why we went there as I got a very good late deal.

Have a great time.....Caz

Edit: just asked hubby and he says walking to PB is around 10-15mins and into the centre around 20-25mins so not too bad.
many thanks caz,i dont mind walking thirsty work in that heat :D good excuse to find a bar ,like you said dare say we got a good deal and iam sure we will be glad of some peace and quiet,will report back when home off 2moro thanks again caz.
back now had a great time,will put review up :cheers
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