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I think Corfu town is an excellent base, all buses radiate from the town, taxis are plentiful and all the site and town centre is within walking distance. The Corfu Palace is a well respected, perhaps slightly old fashioned hotel of high standard belonging to the Gauer Group. Its location on the sea and above the sailing club are lovely and many smart yachts moor there in summer, it also overlooks the Old Fort which protects the town. The town it self had a lot of time and money spent on it for the Euopean Summit so many buildings have been restored and many area of thetown are paved and pedestrian. These links below should help.

Cultural site showing historical sites and museums
Municipality of Corfu site
many thanks CastawayAcharavi. l am inspired by your comments and both the hotel and resort are becoming a distinct possibility for this May.With only your response to date l was beginning to think this was an area of Corfu to avoid, but then again beach holidays are probably more popular.In May l would guess Corfu is quite colourful.Regards :)
May is a lovely month. Not guaranteed beach weather,especially early in the month as the sea hasnt really had a chance to warm up ( bring something warm for the evenings). The wild flowers on the mountains are woonderful and you must make a trip out into the olive groves of an evening to see the fireflies; magical.
I love Greece in May and although there are several places I would avoid in Corfu, COrfu TOwn is not one of them, I love it, there is a lot to see and do it's steeped in history which you may or not want but I@M SURE YOU WILL ENJOY IT.
thank you for your extra feed back :)
I've added this hotel to our review site as it wasn't listed.

If anyone has stayed here would you please add your review

Many Thanks
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