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maybe the hotel you like can arrange transfers if you have e-mail or phone number
There's an article here on Korcula, it says it's a 2 hour drive from Dubrovnik :-


You can do a DIY holiday via Travel Republic ie Flight, hotel then private transfer but the transfers are expensive (probably due to the distance from airport) at £165.00 per person return.
A transfer between Dubrovnik and Korcula is never going to be cheap, as Glynis says it's either going to be a long taxi ride in order to reach the shortest point for crossing over to the island or else a 3 hr ferry journey from the port of Dubrovnik up the coast to the island.

You might find some of the info on this website helpful:


I have spent three holidays in Croatia and have visited Dubrovnik (with day trips to Mostar and Kotor) Split (with trips to Krka national park, Trogir, Cetinje and the island of Brac) and also the northern part close to Slovenia ... Rovinj and Pula.

My experiences are that the tourist infrastructure is still developing ... first from the constraints of Tito's Yugoslavia (still evident in some of the resorts and hotel buildings) the war which led to the break up of Yugoslavia which hit tourism hard (there are still minefields behind the coastal strip so don't wander off the roads but they are signposted) and new input from the major hotel chains (Radisson, Hilton, Iberostar amongst others) and from emerging 'rich' nations such as the Russian federation.

I found certain aspects developing well, but many others lagging behind what we've come to consider 'the norm' when visiting Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

The weather is very hot in the summer. The prices for accommodation have risen dramatically in high season especially in comparison with other 'seaside holiday destinations'. But public transport, car hire and package holiday coaching seem to have lagged behind. We have had experiences of only paying deposits for car hire and then having to pay the balance on arrival in cash, plus various local practices concerning the insurance of damage to tyres, or taking a car into neighbouring countries requiring extra payments (somewhat vague in pre-rental quotes and conditions).

Local buses are the most popular form of transport, sometimes full to bursting, and sometimes with irregular timings.

It seemed that 'western' package tours relied very heavily on local coaching for transfers ... and possibly harking back to pre-Croatian state days, Atlas seemed to be the major operator. The geography of the country means that the roads along the coast were heavily used and in better condition than those in the interior.

Jadrolina seems to have the monopoly on ferries and island transfers. Their website seems ok, but we booked our trip to Brac from Split ourselves at the port a day in advance. Their ferry movements are regular and reliable ... and depart on time.

You need to consider how much you will need to use a car - look at the location of your hotel and the nearest port if you want to discover the mainland too. Also look at the layout of the island ... maybe bike rental might be ok once you get to the hotel. It sounds like you want a 'put and stay' holiday thus not needing a car which will be pricey in any case.

I think that a private transfer might well be the way forward ... and it's a good idea to suggest contacting your hotel. You mention that your travel agent doesn't have any transport option. Are you booking as individuals or is your travel agent selling you a package? If so, contact the tour operator of your package.

You might also contact Atlas at Dubrovnik http://www.atlas-croatia.com/en2/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=43&Itemid=58 and see what they can offer you.
We visited Korcula in 1990 as part of a twin centre holiday with Dubrovnik.
We took 4 hours to transfer to the Island and several people asked to be moved back to the mainland but we had a great holiday.
We stayed at the Bon Repos hotel which was over the bay from Korcula town which was about 40 minutes walk or a short boat ride away.
The second week we were transferred to Dubrovnik which took the same 4 hours but since then a new road has been built which cuts the transfer down by one hour.
We noticed there was a ferry going from Korcula to Dubrovnik from the harbour in town so thia may be the cheapest and quickest option.
Its a very very quiet island with the main town being the busiest place.
Which hotel are you thinking of going too?
Yet another OP who asks a question then never comes back to look at or respond to any answers given, last visited Fri November 30th :que
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