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It's just like any other coach journey really, taking up to about 2 hours including the comfort stop. On the approach to Marmaris, the last 20 minutes or so, you do go down some steep and twisty roads, but it's nothing to worry about. You get some great views if it's light. If it's dark, you'll not see anyway. The roads are big enough to take coaches and HGV's, I wouldn't describe them as 'just about enough room for the coach to get round the bends', that's a bit of an exaggeration really. It's the road over to Turunc that's the more scary one.

Hi,I'm a real scaredy cat and did this journey last year,I didn't see any dead coaches along the way and that gave me reassurance.The coach drivers do that trip many,many times in the season so are quite used to it.We also went to Ephesus which meant going back over the same road,we are also returning to Icmeler this year.Try to sit on an aisle seat ,that's what I always do,I find that makes me feel safer,try not to worry and enjoy your holiday.Just read the previous post and we are hoping to go by bus to Turunc,oh well,suppose the bus drivers must be good too,T.
The road is now like the M1 in comparison to what it was 20 years ago. :rofl
When I first went it was a narrow twisting road with coaches and cars overtaking on bends and banks. :yikes
The last few miles give you lovely views through the pine trees and at night the lights come into view at the top of the hill before you descend into Marmaris.
They have been working on the road from the stop off cafe to Marmaris for years now and when it does open it will reduce the transfer time.
Hi there im.off to marmaris and by coach transfer but im.poor with traveling.. does the coach have a pit stop if so how far in is it.. im.guesssing theres no loo on the coach lol... thanks
The coach stops halfway to Marmaris for what the driver calls a comfort break,it is an oppertunity to use the toilet,spend some money at the cafe/restraunt/coach park and for the smokers a chance to take on more nicotine.We have done this journey a few times and it is ok,the last part of the journey is the drop down into Marmaris but during the day you can see the town/sea thru the trees as you get closer,at night there is less to see apart from the lights of the town.
The drivers do this run several times a day and do know the road very well ,go and enjoy your holiday.:)
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