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Yes we have been offered a holiday at Dhar Diafa. We're thinking that Djerba will be hotter than some of the other resorts because it is further South. Not bothered about entertainment - just want to relax really.
Hello All,
I was always surprised about "why not djerba " in the british market , as its very popular with germans and french tourists , it could be that no direct links go between the british isles and djerba ,it seems things are changing now ,first for the weather it would certainly be more convenient than the northern parts meaning warmer and longer day light due to the latitude ,its even closer to the desert for the day and 2-3 days excursions so u gain in tarvelling time as you are 500 km closer than hammamet , and last but not least its interesting on its own ,lots to see for first timers , have a look at this site http://lexicorient.com/tunisia/jerba.htm a lot of good work was done by the auther there ,I hope that helps , I will make some more research about things this time of the year ,as it was said its a whole lot calmer in the winter than in the summer where its full 100% ,mind you if u choose a holiday that matches school holidays in the continent you will find a lot of people their .

have fun :)
Hi, I've just booked a holiday to Djerba with Panorama Holidays from Gatwick, We are going for our wedding anniversary in Feb. We're booked at the Melia Menzel 4*. Has anyone been before. It looks really nice and was very reasonably priced. The temp doesn't look to bad but no one seems to have heard of Djerba/Jerba!!
Envy you.... really, wish I could go too LOL

Panorama does holidays to Djerba and the reps who were in Kerkennah in the summer were moved to Djerba for the winter season.

Their names are Rashid and Marylin - they have been there before and said it is a great place with temperatures higher than the mainland and that is why Panorama does not offer Kerkennah at this time of the year but Djerba - and they move their reps there.

Hope you have a great time - please let us know how it was when you get back.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh - and if you meet Rashid and Marilyn - please give them a hug from Anna and Monika and say we will see them in Kerkennah end of July ;)

Yes booked last week. We are going on the 12th Feb from Gatwick for a week.

Can't wait!!!!
We're flying Direct to Djerba, Club Med also have deals to Djerba now but the don't fly direct, stop at Tunis first. Our flight direct is 3hrs.

Try web site http://www.panaroma.co.uk

I visited Djerba in March 2003 as part of a tour of Tunisia, we had left Sousse where it was cold and windy and arrived in Djerba in hot sunshine, perfect for a sun and sand holiday also a good location for desert trips.
If you like pottery/ceramics Djerba is the place, take an empty suitcase.
The hotels that I saw all looked very luxurious.
Hi, Yes the flight back leaves Djerba at 06.30am, get to Gatwick at 09.30am.
Have a lovely time and ples remember to come back and let us know how was it?

(already planning next year's Feb ;))
I visited Djerba as part of a tour and stayed overnight many years ago - it was a nice.


Does anyone know a name of a good restarant? It's our wedding anniverasy while we are over on holiday?

Hi there I'm new here and would like some advice about Djerba

We're getting married in September and have been looking at Djerba for 2 weeks of total relaxation

Now I'm getting mixed reviews and am starting to worry

can anyone offer any advice for me?

Thanks in advance :)
Djerba is like anywhere in tunisia an acquired taste.But there are some are very nice hotels. I would just say if you haven,t decided where you are going yet choose the best hotel you can afford (its no guarantee but it often helps) lie back chill out and enjoy the country works on different pace just accept it and you,ll have a great time. Have you decided where you are staying yet?
Well we were thinking of going to Port El Kantoui but we have now discovered Djerba, just wondering if anyone has had any experience?

the hotel were looking at, if I can spell this correctly is the Vincini Alkatara Thalassa hotel about 6 km from Midoun in a very Quiet place?

Any info would be great!!
Djerba is fab.

It is the hidden paradise of Tunisia. I only spent 2 days there, wish I had longer. It's very different from mainland Tunisia and the lifestyle of the locals is far more laid back, calm and relaxed.

Weather is better than mainland and from April to November the weather will be brilliant.

I love Djerba!!
hi headstar :wave
Djerba is a lovely island. It is nothing like mainland tunisia, it's more like a tropical island situated in the med.

The pace of lifestyle here is much more laid back, the weather is lovely, the people are friendly and the beaches are to die for in the summer months. You wont get the crowds of Hammamet and PEK or other mainland tourist resorts here.

Go for the highest star hotel you can find and trust me, you'll love it. September the weather will be fabulous. Anytime I go to Tunisia for longer than 2 weeks, I have promised myself I will spend at least 5 of those 14 days in Djerba.

I love Djerba !! :hyper
I am going to Djerba in June and cannot wait! It looks stunning, the beaches, the culture, the hotels! We got a 5* Half Board end of June for a week with flights from Manchester all for £350!
hi has anyone visited the Island of Dierba? there seems to be very little written about it anywhere we are visiting in August and would be interested to hear from anyone who's been.

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