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I do Graham, as soon as I get a chance I will dig it out and post it on here for you, this is my favourite Maltese dish, done properly it is fantastic, by far the best Bragioli in Malta is served at Il-Merill Restaurant, St Vincent Street, Sliema, very close to Sliema ferries, great food, great people, and the cleanest and best restaurant in all Malta.

Thanks Sliema2 thats much appreciated and as you say if it is done right it is fantastic.
The next time we are in Malta I will be sure to take my wife to the Il-Merill Restaurant.

My Pleasure Graham, good choice, I am sure you will like it, the bragioli in Il-Merill is made fresh every day using only the best and freshest ingredients, I have it on very good authority that it is made to an old family recipe, and I can honestly say that it is the best I have ever eaten and I have had a few, they also do great fenek, fish, steaks, seafood and pasta etc etc etc, getting really hungry now.

Ciao 4 now
  • Edited by Sliema2 2005-03-22 16:51:51
Will you two stop it right now :!:
I'm not going 'til Jan 06 & my stomach is rumbling now :lol:
Hi there :wave Try this web site for loads of Malta recipes. MMMMMMMMMM pastizzi!
Thanks Charliegirl007 these recipes are great.

I note it says Maltese sausages are best, I will just have to go to Malta now to get them.

Drummer your mouth will be watering as well as your stomach rumbling if you read through these recipes.

I must also try the Maltese Bread (Hobz) yum yum.

Well done charliegirl007. Great link I prefer it with cheese.
Another restuarant in Sliema that serves Bragioli is Ta Kris. It is in an old Maltese bread bakery in an alley off Bisazza Street, near the Sliema Pizza Hut.

Hmm Maltese Sausages and crusty Hobz yum yum, good job that I have some of each in the freezer :) , guess who will be having a Maltese Sausage butty for his brekkie tommorow. :wink:

Ciao for now
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