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My post seems to have disappeared.
Sorry to hear about your dad.
I have emailed them and shown them the post here so am hoping for a reply soon.
Thanks Fiona - for your kind comments and for your help in this matter..... :-)
I have asked a friend out there to try and find out some info for you, he will ask some friends to drop in and if he doesn't here back he will drive up in a few days and look himself.
A quick update, Gordons friend took a walk round the hotel this morning and said "there is still plenty work to be done"

He is going to try and take a photo and send me it so I will keep you updated.
An answer from the hotel.
"From what we know the works are as scheduled."
I know what I take from that !
Thanks again to both of you!
A photo will be very useful given the response below....

I also sent an email to the hotel and they've informed me of the following - it's a lot more than the tour operator was giving away yesterday!
we are changing all bathrooms, increasing rooms and changing the hotel structure. The
information we have is that works are on schedule.

Just received in, there appears to be an awful lot of work still to be done.
well I suppose a lot can happen before the 1st March- but in this case I really can't see them opening on time.
Oooooh, this should be 'erm "interesting" then.... a long while since I've had my tour ops head on!

I wouldn't mind so much if it was just me and my hubby - but I don't really want my Mum to see me in my full game on mode....
Let us know how you get on!
Will do!
We don't fly until 9th March but I tried to make a reservation on the hotel's own website and they're not showing any availability until 8th March - that's ominous enough in itself to it not being completed on 1st March.....
I will try and get some more pictures for you over the next week or 2
Thanks for that :-)
Having a bit of a nightmare trying to get some sense out of Jet2Holidays - they seem to think I should be doing all the running around and making phone calls.... I'm not prepared to do that when their Live Chat operator has given me false information.

This is what I've told them I want:

I want a guarantee that the rooms we have reserved will not be affected by any kind of noise or disturbance during our stay.

That there will be no loss of facilities as per the brochure.

That there will be no loss of enjoyment of our holiday.

If the above points cannot be guaranteed – then Jet2Holidays must inform us and switch us to another hotel of the same grade and offering the same facilities – beachfront location and 4 star rated.
The switch should be offered free of charge as Jet2Holidays have quite clearly breached their terms and conditions and have failed to provide correct information when requested. In fact, they have blatantly hidden the full picture!
The pre-travel dept phoned me yesterday at around 6pm.... they're now waiting for more information to come back to them by email (not sure if that's from the hotel or their resort office). Either way, they will contact me again when they have an update.
Do you know if your friend can get some more photos at all please?

Jet2holidays phoned again today to say nobody has come back to them from the resort and are still awaiting confirmation from their own office and the hotel. Also, the resort office were only aware the hotel was closed until March not about the 15 million Euro renovation which involves adding 40 timeshare apartments as per an article and a video in the Times of Malta.....

That all sounds quite ridiculous, doesn't it?

Also, considering there should be Resort Representatives visiting the db San Antonio Resort (immediately next door to the Dolmen Resort Hotel) I can only assume they walk around with their eyes closed!!!

So - almost a week further on and no nearer to resolving the situation.
Today we're informed by Jet2Holidays that the hotel have advised the building work will be completed on 5 March 2017.

We shall see!
I will ask them to take a wonder round and grab some more photo's when they get a chance.

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