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Bacon and Egg alley is no more, my brother pointed out the pile of rubble where it used to be the last time I was in Beni which was in September.

My father first showed me it in 1988, the first time I went to Benidorm. I remember them all competing against one another. I think the cheapest breakfast was about 100 pesetas. :think :rofl

Sue :)
I remember when John was starting up before he went in partnership with Joseph, you could get a breakfast for 25pts.
you would have to pay me £25 to eat in john and Josephs . :offtop

There's nothing wrong with the food in John and Josephs!!

There's not much right with it either :sun2
whats up with john and josephs? :que
Not being disrespectful to anyone here, but because of the prices Danny, there's a snobbery about it with some people, me and the other half had a breakfast here in November and it did the job.
Nothing to do with prices for me at all!

It's just the crammed mass-ness of it all

Added to the fact that the food looks exactly the same as it did in the 70s :D
scarborosmoggy wrote:
Egg and chips normally does. :rofl

:rofl :rofl @ Dave!! That has cracked me up big time! :rofl
Anyway, imo, the place went downhill when the cafe cum bar run by that disturbing one armed Man that was Costa Games moved out from next door :cheers
Looks like we have our very own J&J's here now. :rofl


San Miguel 99p, and sausages, bean and chips £2.99.

Robby :wink:
Seems nobody else can rememberall the bars that used to be in Egg and Bacon Alley when the bars were there before most of the New Town was built and they were all busy ,how they all changed over the years, I was in alley 9yrs and met so many people from all over the world but looks like none of them come on the H/T site , : :tut :tut
I have tried to look up where this e&g alley ( Las Terrazas) is on a map but cannot find it. Can anyone help to pin point it. :que
Some of us have no idea where it was. Please at least give a street name, that would be so helpful.

If you could help us, then we could in turn help you.
Is Egg and Bacon Alley still standing ? I had a bar in the alley from 87 to 96 and it was on a demolition order even in 86 but nothing had happened when we left BENI, in 1998 and saw it was still there when we were there 2 years ago. ( Called LAS TERRAZAS and runs from AVE MEDDITERNO to the beach LEVANTE )
This was on the very first thread so I hope this helps so I could find out where it is. Just curious. :que
it is an alleyway running from the mediteraneo to the beach front it is situated between avenida murcia(the yellow brick road) and the europa.
At least someone can remember it, I was begining to think I dreamed I was working there for all those years.I thought with how busy it was in 87 to 96 a load of replies. would come in mentioning some of the different bars even in that time
I think i know where you mean, was the Stretford End Bar in the alley? I think one of the other bars was called the Manchester Bar, or it could just have been people from Manchester who owned it. If i am on in the right place, we had some good nights there.
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