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We had a mini bus trip from Monte Gordo to saville last year ,this took a hour and a half,two hours on a coach plus probably 45 minutes extra from faro
We have just returned from the Algarve and went from Faro to Seville by bus. it leaves twice daily from Faro at 08.20 arriving 13.00 Spanish time ( 1 hr ahead) or 15.35 arriving 20.15 Hope this helps. It is about 11 euros 1 way.
thanks very much.
we fly into faro for a week in June and want to spend 4 days in the algarve and 3 in seville. I'm glad this is pretty straight forward to do. if anyone else has done this kind of trip or has any more info would be glad to hear from you.
Thanks again.
Any transport from Cabanas/Tavira to Seville??
Not directly from Cabanas but from Tavira.... bus leaves 9.05am arrive 13.00 or 16.20 arrives 20.15

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