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It must be the Gillieru Harbour at St Pauls Bay. This the first year for thirteen year that we have not visited Malta and I am really pining!!!

Although Gillieru is a 4 star hotel I feel it would be three star in other countries. The only other hotels we have stayed at in Malta (other than Mistra Village where we used to go when we had children with us) have been allocation on arrival so the less said the better!!!

The Gillieru has deterioated over the years - worn bedding, scratchy towels. An extension was added increasing the number of guest by about thirty thus putting extra pressure on sunbeds at busy times of the year.

The food is adequate but samey - ie menu not changed over ten years!! The bar is souless and little used.

But the plus point and our reason for returning year after year is the location on the waters edge. It is wonderful to sit on the balcony in the evening overlooking the sea.

Also the staff are helpful and friendly.

We always enjoy our holidays here and feel we have had good value for money travelling with Chevron.
My top 5 Malta/Gozo hotels would look like this.
Marks out of ten for each Hotel
1 The Andar Hotel near Xlendi Bay Gozo (9)
2 The Kennady Nova Hotel Sliema (9)
3 The Fortina Hotel Sliema (5)
4 The Park Hotel Sliema (1)
5 The Coastline Hotel Salina Bay (?)
The Park would be last but I don't go to the coastline till New Year so marks can be given.

Dave :sun

I would now like to put the Coastline at nuber 3 with 7 points it could have had more but for its location.
The Coastline Hotel in Salina Bay is lovely. It has superb views over the bay to Qawra (ask for a sea view room). It may be a bit isolated but buses pass the door and there is a courtesy bus to Bugibba.

Rooms are very nice and the food and entertainment are very good also.

This hotel now features is most of the holiday brochures (it was once a Thomson only hotel).

I totally agree with everything Mandy has said about the Gilleru - we had our 3rd visit there this year. It's the only hotel I've been to in Malta (although hubby has survived the Palm Court!) but I feel I got spoilt by the Gilleru's location and don't particularly want to go anywhere else! I have to agree again with Mandy that it's deteriorated slightly (eg worn bedding) but everything is clean, the food is well-cooked and plentiful and the staff are really friendly. BUT the reason it wins for us everytime is simply it's location (and the very nice coffee/ice-cream parlour opposite!
Hi there :wave I think that I agree with the Guilleru regarding its location though we have been disappointed with the food at times. MMMMMM the cakes at the coffee shop accross the road are to die for :lol: We stayed at the Topaz for the first time this year and were pleasantly surprised. It was very clean and bright, the food was of good standard and varied and the staff most helpful.
My favourite hotels are,

The Fortina in Sliema, and The Coastline at Salina Bay. Have stayed at others but these are the Hotels I would prefer to return to.

The Fortina - I like the position of the hotel and also like Sliema. The facilities are excellent and the AI package offered is really up market. Only negative thing is that they are starting to get comparitively expensive but you do get what you pay for.

The Coastline - as with the Fortina facilities are excellent especially the courtesy bus taking you back and forth to nearby Buggiba. A good value for money Hotel offering ample car park space if you choose to hire a car.

Both Hotels have excellent helpful and friendly staff, who do their best to make sure you have a great time,

What's the food like at the coastline?

Do you get vegetarian stuff on Half mainly eat pasta and pizza (pasta napoletana/arrabiata, and pizza margherita)?? Do they all do chips and salad too?
Food is really good. If you go all inclusive you could (if you so wanted) have a 3 course lunch in the pizzeria - the pizzas are really nice. Certainly chips are available.

In the restaurant there is a choice to suit everybody. I am not a vegetarian but don't eat a lot of meat and always found plenty of choice. Plenty of salads too.

Hope this helps.
Only been to Fortina but despite the building work going on I would say it's been the best hotel I'e stayed at.

Get a Spa room and endulge for two weeks

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