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I am returning back to the tanit but it has been a long time since I have been. The entertainment was great when we went last time. Is it still as good? Who are the entertainers? Also is there a hairdryer in the room?
We were there 2 years ago. There are hairdryers in the bathroom. The entertainment was mostly done by the animation team with some acts coming on certain nights. It seemed good for children but we tended to go out .
Getting excited now, we go 2 weeks today! Will be back with a full review :o)
The day time entertainment is great, but you get as much out of it as you put in. We dont mind joining in with most stuff that doesn't involve making a fool of yourself! for example, archery, rifle shooting, football, killer pool and darts, french boules etc. Be warned - if you win you have to get on stage at night to collect your certificate and do the winners "dance" with the other days winners! Either that or make yourself scarce at presentation time!

The entertainment team ( all fiesta not FC ) will soon get to know you and in previous years have always made our holiday a good laugh, and remember you every year, and the kids adore them all. We have met some great people every time we've stayed by joining in and getting to know people, and even met other guests by chance from previous years who go at the same time every year.

Read a recent review which mentioned the entertainment team but I didn't recognise any names. Our years with Pico were the best, but he started doing the management side of the entertainment a couple of years ago, so not sure if he is still around.

The night time entertainment can be a bit hit and miss, the fiesta team do several shows a week, such as Lion King, Mama mia, We will rock you etc which are a bit much after 5 years of visiting so I hope they will have some new ones next year! Kids were younger then and always liked it and even got bit parts in costumes in the shows, and obviously there is the mini-disco for the kids.
Other nights include audience participation stuff and quizes, bingo, parrot show etc, or visiting acts such as dancers/singers.

There are hair dryers in the rooms.
There are hair dryers in the rooms.

good but its states that in hotel info,plus gels etc.fiesta always have them,safes you wait in case,

don;t forget you points on check out.
Hello, we got back monday lunchtime from spending 2 weeks all-inclusive at the Hotel Fiesta Tanit! It was a lovely 2 weeks and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Will go and do a full review now! xxx
anyone else booked for the Tanit this year?
less than 10 weeks to go for us now - can't wait! Even have countdown app .. how sad :cheers

Hoping 5th visit is as good as all the others!
to inform you that the safe costs 3.95€ per day and 6€
deposit. The fridge costs 8.50€ per day and the kettle 3.95€ per day
as of 2013
well i stayed there from 12th till 23rd oct 2011.Few facts

do not get a pool side room as you will not get no sleep music blasting out all day
people chatting till gone late outside after bar as shut.
kids running through hotel
never known a hotel where pickfords(joke) are moving chairs and beds all the time.
banging doors.very thin walls so be carefull what you say.
the a/i is not what it should need to upgrade to get branded drinks and then again they are not the real deal.baileys?.
if in the inside bar you can ask for a real cup of coffee and not from if inside bar again ask for a glass or you get them in a plastic one.ok i can understand if you walk round with a drink.but taste far better.

best stuff is
best room to stay in is 719
use the new hotel pool area to get away from the kids/far too many
food very good as you would of fiesta but use mirowave to heat some items up.
nice area to take a after meal stroll in summer.
first choice reps very helpfull if you do need help
very good on desk at night if you need to moan about noise from a room.sorted asap

other info
bus number 1 to town see time tables 1.65 euro.or walk across road down a jitty see signs for ferry boat.4 euro one way or 6 could walk into san an round the coast line.pasts the sunset bars.then right in to san an posr area now as years ago the built a new path right round.
taxi depends which part your after but its 4.50 before you start if you get hotel to ring one up.flag one down 3.50.from bus station taxi is 6.00 can get a taxi boat.see info books on desk.
only one bar across road.could be a gold mine.small supermaket as well.not much in.

plus it was 29/30 some days.lots of beds so no real need to get up at too early for to go round the kids pool area.or the adult only area a small walk passed the new hotel part that leads down to the beach.all in all a very nice hotel.lots to do.if raining games area undercover outside.indoor machine games.card small area but not many uk channels.fiesta reps would keep you going all day if wet.but when nice lots of games to play to have fun.

mini disco for kids at 8.30pm.then on the giving out awards for thoses who have won games in day.quick bingo.then either outside acts or fiesta reps put a show on.or quizz night which is very good.did not see any in full but what bits i saw were not bad.full room every night.on weds/friday and satdays tends to be quite in day as people are going are the nights before early start for some.hotel can hold 1200 full.not all brits in hotel as its carters for germans as well.and wide choice hot and cold.outside eating area as to bring you own coffee and teabags for breakfast.
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