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Fiesta Hotel Tanit
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Many thanks Anne on your review all info greatly received, what larger is served there is it San Miguel????
Well jillc and jaynav are at the tanit now hope they are having a great time only 5 days to go now till I go, any more info on this hotel will be greatfully received
yip any more info really appreciated, off to this hotel for 2 weeks 25 august sounds brilliant cant wait, anyway off to the fiesta milord tonight for 2 weeks hope the suns still shining when we get there.
hava a great time at fiesta milord jules,will be going to the tanit on the 23rd of august,see you there :D
Not gone yet - off tomorrow afternoon. Just finished work and am in full holiday mode now!! Sunshine here we come!!

Will post a review on my return.
Meet you there Jill we arrive at the airport at 10.35pm so should get to the hotel about midnight on Wednesday see you at the lower pool drinks on you
sorry - can't remember which lager it is, i drank soft drinks mostly in the day (it was sooo hot) and shorts at night. The sangria was ok though! that was the only night i was ill ha ha !! :(

best tip is don't drink the bottles of champagne they give away as prizes - it was this combined with the sangria that made me sick!! Everyone always gives them away because they weigh a ton so no-one wants to take them home !

Don't pack your hairdryer - there's one in the bathroom ( in front of the biggest hotel mirror I've ever seen ! )

If there's anything else I can help with just ask
Any info on the kids clubs, my son wants to know do they play football and do they have to pay? any info would be appreciated I have emailed the hotel but no response is the aqua parc open at this time of year?
The Thomson clubs are mostly based in their big play room but they went out for a few activities. They met for two hours for each age group six days a week ( not sure if the same for the very youngest though) and was well organised and safe, you had to sign them in and out and they can't wander in and out as they please. there is a small charge of about 2e for the evening club as they do different things like a chocolate night or tea party etc I think this was about 7 - 830 ish . You have to put their name down for this as places are limited - the list goes up in the morning on the club door so be sure to add them to it if they are interested. My two got a place each night, it's nice to go eat in peace! These clubs are really the start and end of the Thomsons team involvement in entertainment.

For football and stuff like that he will be better off with the hotel entertainment team who are fantastic. They work so hard and are really friendly. it depends what sort of age he is - my husband joined the daytime sports stuff and was always off playing footie or killer pool/darts etc and I saw older kids involved in all that. I think it was only the archery that you had to be 16 to do. There is stuff going on all day and its not laid in stone either so if the lads wanted to play footie thats what they did!

My daughter was eleven last may when we went so I've been picking her brains ( :!: ) and she used to go with all her new mates and play on the tennis courts which doubled up as footie area - they just took their own ball down there and could play whenever they wanted even into the evening.

The hotel team do all the evening stuff as well - there's a minidisco, bingo prizegiving etc then they do the show or whatever. Kids are always welcome to get involved and it's very family-orientated.

Kids couldn't use big inflatables in the pool, only safety rings or floats - I know that might seem mean but when it's busy you wouldn't see the drowning kids for the plastic whales would you?! There is always a lifeguard on duty (two for the big pool) which i thought was good.

The hotel shop is privately run by a miserable old woman who looks at all kids like they are going to fill their pockets if she blinks! She thought she would get away with short-changing me but picked the wrong woman! :P She sells inflatables then charges to blow them up then you find out you can't use them (unless on the beach obviously). just across the road is a little spar shop with the sweetest couple who will do anything to help and loved to chat and try their english out - all their stuff is half the price (and inflating is free!) so i took to giving them our custom if I wanted anything. Don't get me wrong all the hotel staff are lovely though
The white-washed bar ("gaviso's?")opposite the hotel is also worth a visit and the pizzas are great.

The rooms are great really spacious even with four of us, we faced san an from the top floor and the view was stunning - my own little sunset strip! I always request top floor even with kids because to be honest a fall from the first floor wouldn't be good either and the view would be rubbish! Mine are 9 and 12 so at least they are not climbing tots and I don't let them on the balcony alone.

Had text today from friends there now and they are loving it and the weather is scorching - were snorkelling on the beach today. I've got 18 weeks to wait unfortunately.
Anything else give me a shout - I could write forever but daughter is kicking me off now! :lol:

sos forgot about the aqua parc bit - yes it's open but the Thomson trip is expensive. we didn't go but others said the best way to do it was to take the free fiesta bus ( few times a week I think ) to the fiesta hotel in playa den bossa (as you can use the facilities there if you want ) then walk over to the aqua parc.

think I've read a topic on this in the forum if you have a look back, someone else might be able to help you more.

thanks caroline your reply was brilliant, my son is 9 and I have requested a high floor too, jillc has gone out there and I know jaynav is out there already cant wait to meet up with them to have a real natter, hotel sounds great and thanks for all the tips about the shop and hairdryer too, cant wait to go now have been watching the webcam and the weather looks brill the temp is readi in the 80's at the moment
Can anyone please advise what time the restaurant / bars are open till in the evening as it will probably be about 10.30pm by the time we arrive at the hotel and was just wondering whether we would be able to get something to eat when we arrived?

Any info would be much appreciated. :D

I think that it will be shut have a look at the link for the timings
of everything, and full info on the hotel
hi there

friends just got back from the tanit at the wekend and loved every minute and would definetely return. can't get a better recommendation than that so I was relieved as I'd told them how good it was!

For those of us still waiting to go out the news seems good - the refurb is complete with the whole ground level been done since last season. They said the first week they were there there was some official inspections going on - the result of which was that the tanit has been awarded another star making it's official rating of 4*.

So although that good news, aparently the result will mean second edition 2007 will show a price increase. Not paid for this years yet and already worrying about next!

My previous post about avoiding the miserable woman in the shop is no longer relevant as the shop's gone in the refurb ( what goes around..... ) but don't panic spar's over the road if you're desperate.

I've also discovered there is a "mother's" room on the first floor with free use of washer, iron and ironing boards so that's good news. I presume it's new, no-one mentioned it last year, at least I won't be rinsing towels in the bath this year!

In case anyone is going with babies - I sent my friend on a reci because my brother is taking a 5 month old and an 18month old - don't take a side-by-side double buggy cos you won't get in the lifts and you won't be able to use the pavements either as they are too narrow! Also pampers (apx24's)were 12e at the spar.

Hope those out there now are having great time - can't wait to hear what they've got to say

just returned from the Tanit left a review for all to see
does anybody whos just come back from Tanit know if they supply beach towels or should you take your own? thanks.
Hi Jules just got back last week you need to take your own towels as they dont supply them
thanks ichmeler girl will pack beach towels.
Hi, firstly thanks for all the info - very useful as we are going to the Tanit for a week in October half-term. Just read the latest reviews and was really worried by the last review - about the rude British kids!! :( Also the reserving of sunbeds drives me nuts!!! And it does seem it's us Brits doing it more than the Germans!!

Do you think it was just bad luck for the reviewer who said about the horrible kids/teenagers there, or is that the general goings-on? (((please tell me no!!!))).

There's me, my husband and 2 kids aged 8 and 5 going, along with my mum & dad who are in their 60's.

Any more info greatly appreciated, thanks

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