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Sam, I'm sorry that you had a bad experience. You say you have bad eyes, but please, if you post again, would you be kind enough to post in paragraphs than in one block of text .. which made it very hard for me to read and understand your complaint.

I am glad you did get to Benidorm even if you had to pay for flight tickets.

It is very usual for holiday companies to only accept written letters sent by the post as a starting point for discussion of a dispute. It is always advisable to send such letters by recorded delivery or a 'signed for' service. So despite your being angry with Fleetway Travel, I'm afraid that it is only reasonable for them to only start working on a dispute from a written and signed letter.

As regards the 28 days, this is also a legal situation in which Tour Operators have this period to assess the situation before contacting the person who is in dispute with them. Again, it may seem unfair, but this is quite normal.

At least you have had your holiday .... and I hope it wasn't ALL bad.
Hellos Sam, I hope that once you got there that you were still able to enjoy your holiday. Have you flown with Ryanair before? If you haven't then you might not know that they are a ticketless airline - Fleetway travel should have explained this to you and that all you needed was your booking reference number and that no tickets would be issued. You presumably were given the booking reference number by them or Ryanair wouldn't necessarily have been able to trace your booking.

With Ryanair you have to check-in on-line and print-out your boarding passes and the 2 X £40 that they charged you was for your boarding passes, not tickets. Did Fleetway explain to you that you would have to check-in on-line and that if you didn't do this that Raynair would charge you £80 in total for doing this for you at the airport? Or did they do this for you but not then forward the boarding passes? I've never had a TA check me in via an on-line system and I'm not sure how they would be able to email your boarding passes to you - I've always just done this myself.

It would help to have a little more information:

1) Did Fleetway Travel forward the booking confirmation to you?

2) Did they explain about the need to check-in on-line and print off your boarding pass?

3) Or did they do the on-line check-in for you?

4) If they did, then is the problem that they didn't forward the boarding pass to you (either as an email attachment or a printed copy)?

sorry to here of your problems, I use Fleetway regularly, now i may be the lucky one :think but over the last 10 years we have never had a problem, depending on the holiday booked we have either received our tickets in the post or our vouchers and on line boarding/check in vouchers by e-mail about 3 weeks prior to travel, did you send your API details to the correct dept? as they cannot pre book check in/boarding without these details [especially Ryan air, easy jet & jet2]
as for phoning from abroad they do give you a couple of uk numbers to phone [used them myself from Costa Dorado] but you must dial 00-44 then the rest of the number [excluding the first 0]

There have been a few tales of woe on TA when Ryanair flights have been booked through a third party. If it goes wrong it can become messy, as Ryanair forbid the sale of their flights in this way. It seems that some companies set up a separate email address especially for Ryanair, so they have somewhere to email details through to!
As the Customer Services Manager for Fleetway Travel, I would firstly like to thank the persons who have intelligently responded to the gentleman's review in respect of his boarding passes, it is appreciated.

Fleetway Travel have been in business for over 37 years and we pride ourselves on our customer service and customer retention and therefore feel that we should have the opportunity to put the facts forward which are highlighted in the reply below. I have edited this to protect any private details. Please also note that although we are 100% adamant that the boarding passes were delivered safely to the email address given but the customer did not find them, as a gesture of goodwill, we will refund the money for the re-issue of the passes.

Please see reply below:

Thank you for your correspondence received in our office today.

At Fleetway Travel we do our utmost to ensure that the entire holiday experience runs smoothly from start to finish and if this is not the case then we too are disappointed.

I am sorry therefore to learn of the problems encountered in respect of your boarding passes and I have read your comments in this regard.

On checking the history of the booking and speaking with all personnel concerned. I can see that the boarding passes and all travel documents were emailed to you on 29 September at 1024 and the email was not returned as undelivered. We have asked our Technical Department to check that the email was delivered safely and we have confirmation that it was successfully received to the email address that you gave to us.

I further understand that you spoke to one of our Administration Advisors and the email address was checked and you were informed that the email would be sent and therefore if you did not receive it, we would have expected you to have called back.

The boarding passes were also on the same email as the accommodation voucher and transfer vouchers which were required to check in to the hotel and for the transfer and you do not appear to have experienced any problems in this regard.

Naturally we do regret that you travelled to the airport without the boarding passes and as a result of this incurred additional expenditure, however we do not feel that this is a failing on our part as we did supply all the documentation, including the hotel and transfer voucher on the same email and we did not receive contact from you to say that they had not been received.

Moving on to the point regarding the emergency contact numbers, we do clearly advise of contact numbers on the document titled "Important Accommodation/Flight/Transfer Information". These numbers are as below:

+44 2070820570
+44 2070820675

Or email:

In closing, as a gesture of goodwill only we will refund you the amount of £80.00 in this instance although again note that we do have evidence that the email was delivered successfully to you.

If you would contact us on one of the numbers above and advise of your card details, this will be refunded.

I do hope however that aside from the above issue that you had a thoroughly enjoyable holiday.

Welcome to HT, we are appreciative of companies who, join the forum to help our members resolve their problems, and trust that you will be a regular visitor, Please watch not only complaints but also T.A & T.O forum as im sure you will at times be able to assist [if only with an observation or technical/legal information]

yes well done fleetway it is good to know companies read these reviews and complaints it goes far .Does anyone know if thompson read this site or TA.We have booked the rui bambu in DR for next year and the reviews are getting worse since we booked.So come on thompson get it sorted,send someone out to check it supposed to be a platinum hotel. :(
what a breath of fresh air.....well done fleetway....tweetie
Thanks to the fleetway representative for replying and helping on the forum. As a previous poster said, I hope you'll check in here now and again to read and maybe offer some help and advice to the members. I'd never heard of Fleetway travel but as a result of reading this topic and seeing how helpful the Fleetways rep seems to be, I shall certainly be taking a look at their website with a view to booking in the future.

It's the helpfulness of a Travel Republic employee on this forum that sees me booking with them again and again so it does pay to keep your eye on the ball.
I've got a feeling this will come down to the old problem of customers' spam filters blocking things. Which would make it Sam's liabilty not Fleetways. But probably too late to prove since if it was diverted as spam it's probably been completely deleted automatically by now.

Hands up all those who don't know how to set their own spam filter and who don't check it every few days?
We have exactly the same issues with gmail / sky / ntlworld email address. I had a woman screaming at me the other day demanding a refund because we had never sent her a confirmation and calling us a con company.
So i politely asked if she was on her emails, yes she replied, i said where it says inbox / sent / deleted etc is there another box saying something like "show more or 6 more", yes she said, i said have a look in there and you will see it, 3 seconds later she says "bloody ridiculous company" the phone cuts off and never heard back the cheeky mare.
life may about to become more frustrating for you! I've just had an email from BT to say their email service is being upgraded (why does that fill me with dread???) and will have lots more spam blocking features. So expect lots more genuine ones to get diverted and put in quarantine.
I had that e-mail yesterday Steve and am wondering whether to update or not. It looks as though we'll all have to update eventually anyway. I hope it won't be the start of problems-I don't see anything wrong with the e-mail system as it is. there are bound to be teething problems :(
what got me was the fact they seem oblivious to the idea that so many of their customers access the mail server via something like Outlook (rather than a web browser) so that we can download the mail and attached files onto our hard drives. And then we can still refer to them when BT's cleaner has knocked a plug and taken the server off line again!!
that's what's worrying me too :think Do you think we'll have problems accessing the mail this way once we've upgraded.

:whoops we're going off topic.
Unfortunately sam.lindom has not yet taken the opportunity to respond to the issues raised by lynnwhite from Fleetway Travel.

lynnwhite mentions that the "boarding passes were also on the same email as the accommodation voucher and transfer vouchers which were required to check in to the hotel and for the transfer and you do not appear to have experienced any problems in this regard".

Perhaps sam.lindom might confirm if no email was received whatsoever, but this did not result in any problem with hotel check in or airport transfer. That may support the spam theory. Or was the email received and used for hotel check in and airport transfer, without realising that it also included the boarding passes ?

David :wave
In a earlier post, Sam stated that he had problems with his eyesight - he might have possibly overlooked the passes. As others have said - well done Lynn on responding to the post. I have heard of Fleetway travel but have never booked with them. I might take a look now :tup
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