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Food on plane
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James Martin is a Celebrity chef (a cook) and is gettingvery well paid for lending his name to a product turned out on a production line in a factory.
Airlines/Tour Operators used to include a meal as part of the deal but no longer.
At one time they were a popular topic on HT and other holiday forums sometimes
with pictures and a possible quiz question was “What’s this you say? Could have
fooled me.”Of course the TOs/Airlines are always looking at ways of separatingtheir captives – sorry passengers from their hard earned cash. Just like
airports and motorway service areas marketing them with the name of a celebrity
cook sounds good but is really just a gimmick for overpriced not very good food.
It is certainly nothing like mother used to make, at least I hope not.Why do we continue to pay? Well it helps to pass the time,personally we buy a meal deal from W H Smith or Boots if we are on a long flight
but when we fly to Malaga in September we will deprive ourselves of the
delights of airline food.
Only ever have airline meals on long haul flights, (when they are normally included anyway) - otherwise have something light at the UK airport and wait for arrival at destination. MIGHT grab a beer at the destination airport if we are waiting for a coach transfer!!!
Would never purchase these again as much prefer to have a brekkie at the airport lol
We usually get a meal deal at the airport from M&S or Smiths. Sometimes we'll buy a toastie on the flight.
Yeah well do the same much better X
Had coffee and a nice sausage sandwich at Donny airport at 4 am on Sunday morning. Ok, I know it's rip-off prices.
We had some baps and some ham left in the fridge, so rather than binning it, Dave made them up for the flight.
Both knackered and kept dozing all the way to Malaga, so ended up eating them when we got here. :)
Sanji x
Talking of photos, these are from last April, flying 1St class with BA to Ibiza.

I couldn't eat any of it, apart from the cheese cakey thingy.... Imo, a waste of money.

Sanji x
CE food has seen an improvement since then. Have to say my flights in July and October had much better food.
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