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Hi NeilyBoy1973 :D ,
Not been to that Villa but have been to Frigiliana.

Small whitewashed Spanish town up above Nerja - you will need to travel by car or the regular bus service to town or beach.

Very nice but a bit remote for my taste.

Have a great time.

Hi Neil

I've requested this property be added to the reviews section.

Pippy :D
If anyone would like to post a review, please do so HERE.


Pippy :D
Frigiliana is generally considered to be one of the prettiest villages. It has a very interesting history and it is well worth taking one of the organised tours. They are very interesting and entertaining. Lots of things will be pointed out to you that you would probably miss just looking around by yourself.
There are lots of nice little shops and plenty of restaurants to choose from.
I've been told there is a good sports centre.
As has been mentioned, it is quite hilly and parking can be a nightmare.This doesn't tend to put people off though as it's a very popular place.
I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you so much for your views so far. We were under the impression that there was only one restaurant in Frigiliana, but this is obviously incorrect.

Thanks again,

There is certainly more than one restaurant in Frigiliana, I can think of eight off the top of my head and that's not counting tapas bars.

My favourites are Las Chinas, very good and very cheap, and a more expensive one in the square in the centre opposite the church, most of its tables are outside and the food and atmosphere are very good. The one near the tourist information office is good too with extensive views over the hills opposite the village.

Having a car would make it easier to get around otherwise you'll have to bus it. There's a good connecting service to Nerja and from there you could take a trip to Malaga, well wort a visit.
Im a going there with my family at the end of may. I will write a review when we return. Pretty good idea of place from thompson web site. Has a broadband video of the villa. Looks dated but nice.
Watch this space.
Hi Just come back from this villa and we really enjoyed it. Depends on what type of holiday you like though. If you like it lively and near to bars n stuff forget it. You need to use the car all the time. But if you like the peace, quiet and stunning views you'll love it!.
I have placed a review on this site. If you want more info or pics just email me. We found the pics in the brochure really dont do the place justice but everybody has different opinions.
Hi we are going to this villa in Aug. Is there any chance of sending me more pics if u gave them. Many thanks
Hi Hayley, this post is 11 years old so you may not get a response from the member.
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