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Hi there, we did this trip last month, we booked in resort and paid £195cyp per person

It was a good trip, but a long day, not back in our hotel until 2345hrs

Put us off ever going to Egypt on holiday!!

Thanks for the quick reply Merseygull.

I'm used to long days so that doesnt worry me much, I'm expecting it to be a marathon from what I have read on here.

Was it just the length of the trip that put you off or Egypt itself? The trip looks pretty action packed - so just wondering if you get enough time at each place and is it all worth it, or are parts of the trip utter rubbish?

I know its a lot to ask, but a full review would really really help me out - as there dont seem to be any full reviews on the trip here, just generalised comments and quick overviews.

I'm not too good with crowds of beggars and hawkers, so that might well get on my wick - so thats going to be my main gripe I think.

Looks like 195 CYP is the price to pay then.
We went on the trip to Cairo, by air, in March. Booked with Sea Island in Paphos as we couldn't get on the Thomsons trip. CY 195 seems the going rate although we did see it slightly cheaper in some agencies. Check the itineraries as they are not all the same, and we got 2 proper dinners on the trip we went on- one in a 5* hotel and one on a Nile cruise. You do get a lot of pestering/ beggars round the Pyramids, which is a nuisance, but I would still go again. It was a wonderful daytrip worth every penny of the considerable expense. Hope that you enjoy it if you go. We are in Cyprus about the same time as you but going to Pernera this time.
Hi Stendec! I know we did the cruise, but the itinerary for the day is basically the same whether it's a flight or cruise. You need to remember that you're only there for a day so yes! time at each attraction is short - but if you keep this in mind it's a fantastic trip. If you choose to enter the pyramid there is a long queue so obviously the longer you wait here the shorter space of time you have to see the whole of pyramids. If you are interested in the history of Egypt it is a fantastic trip, but if you just fancy a trip don't bother. As for putting you off a holiday in Egypt - it really does. You travel through some of the poorest parts of the country, but bear in mind you don't actually go anywhere near the tourist resorts. My daughter went to Sharm El Sheik last year and no way could she reconcile my images of Egypt with her own - she had a fantastic time.
Thanks!! Great info one and all - I shall book the trip online then, as resort prices seem to be about the same.


We went on the day trip to Cairo last year and I have to say it was fantastic. You pack so much into one day so you dont get that long in each destination but we never really felt rushed and felt like we had time to see everything. We booked via our thompson rep and I think it was roughly the same cost as everywhere else.

My only bit of advice would be to take a packet of baby wipes, we took some and were so grateful to be able to clean our hands and faces as its so dusty and hot.

Im sure you will have the time of your life and get some amazing photos.

Our rough itinery of the day was

6.00am get picked up from Hotel

7.30am fly from Cairo (however we were delayed an hour at the airport!)

Drive through Cairo with the tour guides pointing out all the sights, this was really interesting as they take you through the city of the dead and then you go through the really rich part - the differences are breathtaking

Then to the Giza pyramids where you can wander about and go inside a pyramid if you like, we never did this as I was a bit afraid of small dark spaces. There are lots of people trying to sell you items and talk to you or get you on a camel, but just say a firm no and walk away and they soon get the message.

Then we went to a plateau where there are a few stalls and a great photo opportunity of all the 3 pyramids.

Then we went to the sphynx.

We were then taken for lunch at a 5 star hotel looking out on the pyramids, it was really really posh and luxourious and it was a help yourself buffet.

The Cairo Museum was next, we were taken round here on a 2 hour tour, you are not allowed to take cameras in here and there is no air conditioning so it does get quite stuffy, but its the most interesting place you will ever go, there is a "Mummy Room" where you pay about £9ish each to go and see the mummys, we did this and it was good but im not sure if i would pay it again as we were in and out in 10 minutes. Some of the mummies still had teeth and finger nails which was quite awesome.

Then we went on a boat trip up the Nile and had a meal (sandwiches etc) and there were belly dancers and other performers, we then went on the top deck and watched the sunset over the nile and the captain of the boat let people have a go at steering the boat and they will take a photo of you with your own camera (and dont charge you for it!).

After this we went to a papyrus museum and saw how it was made and had the opportunity to but some, they were awesome and I wish we had taken our credit card. Finally we went to a bazaar which is a shop full of gold and ornaments and jewellery, again we bought lots in here.

Back to the airport for our 11.50 flight (which was an hour delayed!), and we eventually got back to our hotel at 3.50am!

A tireing day but one of the best days of my life and I would do it all over again.

Hope this helps, any questions let me know

Hi Sylv

A thousand thanks - this was just the sort of info I was after. I have just one question though....

So, not being able to take cameras in with you to the museum (I assume this means video cameras too?) - What happens - are they just left on the coach or somewhere more secure???

When we went last year, we just left them on the coach, everything was quite safe, it was locked and if memory serves me correctly the driver stayed with the coach anyway.

Have a great trip, its well worth the long trip, we were staying in Ayia Napa but had to fly from Paphos which made our day nearly 5 hours longer due to coach journey to and from the airport but still well worth it.

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Hi Stendec - just go for it, we did the trip last Tuesday (which was half way through our 2 weeks in Paphos) and it was worth every single penny. We are still talking about. We paid 195CyP and booked through Pafo Rentals, although we did see it advertised cheaper at another agent. It was organised by Sea Island Tours and I believe (or so our guide told us) that they are the only company to round your day off with a trip to the bazaar of Khan El Khalili. To be honest I really was a bit apprehensive when I saw the area but we just stuck with the security guy who had escourted our tour all day and felt quite safe. It was an amazing place - the smells, the people, and it rounded off a fabulous day.

Everything is included in the price: breakfast on the 8am flight, buffet lunch at Le Meridien, hot meal on the nile cruise and wine and cheese on the 11pm flight back to Paphos. The only thing you need to spend is the extra 4CyP to enter the great pyramid and 7CyP for the mummies room in the museum. If you're not fit and are claustrophobic I wouldn't bother entering the pyramid. Hubby did it but I had to turn back and so did a lot of others. If you do enter the pyramid you need to leave your cameras on the coach so that you have to trek back again to get your photos and it all seems a bit rushed then.

The treasures of Tutankhamon exhibition is breathtaking and again no cameras are allowed in the museum but people were sneaking pics on their mobiles - naughty.

There's no worries about leaving your cameras on the bus as the driver stays with it the whole time.

We arrived back at our hotel at 12.30, exhausted with totally exhilirated. You definately won't be disappointed or feel ripped off at spending so much - just do it. Wonderful.

Just let me know if I can be of any more help.

Glad you found it useful. We left our cameras on the bus as the driver stays with it the whole time and it is always locked up, and yep it means video cameras too, they search you as you go in and you have to walk through metal detectors.

The coaches are air conditioned and oh my god was i grateful for that!

We were quite lucky as we got to the coach first we managed to sit one seat back from the front (the guide has the very front seats) so had a great view and could look out the main drivers window to see all the sights, and believe me you will be astonished by the roads!!! there are cart like vehciles with about 10 people, 16 chickens, 20 suitcases and a donkey all crammed in!

A lot of the cars dont use lights at night and they wouldnt know how to give way or stay in the lanes if they tried - its hilarious and as the coach drivers are experienced then you always feel safe. You also get an armed guarded car with you at all times, dont be alarmed they are there for your safety and they drive in front and behind you to get everyone out of the way - makes you feel quite important! especially if they put there sirens on!

Remembering it all makes me want to go again. Hope you have a fantastic time

Off to Cyprus on Weds, thinking about going on the 1 day trip to Egypt. Wife asked will there be any dress restrictions in Egypt in regards to long sleeves or full length trousers esp in the muesuem and other places. Or is it dress as you please.
Ladies are advised to cover legs and shoulders/heads - especially inside any religious places or museums etc. Men may wear shorts, but it is sometimes suggested that they too cover their heads with a hat in such buildings - you will need one for the heat anyway, by all accounts.

I imagine any hat would do. Those cotton / linen trousers they do or cargo pants tend to be quite popular to cover the legs from what people have told me.

Those with first hand experience might advise differently - so, over to them!

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