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Feel sorry for the passengers affected,...honestly I do, but....
I don't have a scrap of sympathy for private companies who put their shareholders and profit first and have spent years not investing in the military grade technology already available, and then they come bleating to the government and public for "understanding the difficult situation"

The bottom line.....The Israeli Drone Dome system needs to be put around every large airport and a policy of immediately shooting down any drone that enters the airport space.

There was a drone, there might not have been a drone :-?
We have become the laughing stock of the world.... Pathetic really.

Sanji x
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Just to add to the above ...Gatwick has paid little in corporation tax and the airport has directly paid its owners over $1.6 billion since 2009, according to the
Financial Times

So please save me from the sob story, because they will have to spend some money on drone security.

Sanji x
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