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Food in the restaurants are excellent value you can expect to pay around 16Ml for two main courses and a bottle of good wine. Drinks are cheaper there than in the UK. You will be better exchanging your money over there where you can expect 60.5 to the pound.

As for excursions well I suggest you read further down on this forum page the one titled 'try this' . As for nightlife you haven't mentioned for what age group or where you are staying. If your young and want to party all night then head for Paceville. Buggiba/Qawra is good but you have to know where to go. There are lots of bars and some of them appear never to close! but it will take some exploring to find the bars that suit you.

Remember though that in Malta you really do have to explore to find the treasures.

Hope you have a great time.
Value for money is generally pretty good. You probably won't buy a bottle of spirits though. Bit pricey, not sure why!

Here's a menu for a restaurant called Mamma Mia in Sliema (it's great, was my favourite!!!). This menu will give you ideas of prices. Pizzas and pastas start in the region of 2 lira. (less than £4).
Hello jaxche, try this link and then kick on restuarants in the search box some of the reastuarant have web site so you can get an idea of the prices. If it does not work go the post New Site and do the same on this.

Hello jaxche. another good link for pubs and restaurants is here.. as for the exchange rate I suggest you take sterling as I do and change it over there. You get a better deal if you look around. I will do same when I go in March.
Hi there, we were getting 60 cents to the pound in the shops in St Pauls. I have never been 'ripped off' in one of these.
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