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Jim, I found myself laughing out loud at your account of your experiences with Spanish bureacracy because it mirrored mine when sorting out my Mum's move when she came to live with me - and she was only moving from England to Scotland! I found myself going around in endless circles because we couldn't get her sorted with a change of address or registered with a local GP etc without, you've guessed it, copies of correspondence sent to the new address! In the end the bank came up trumps and was able to break the circle for me. She was with Lloyds, whose branches are non-existent in Soctland following the break-up of Lloyds/TSB, but I then discovered that HBOS where I bank is part of the Lloyds group and my local branch staff said they would able to sort out her change of address with them if I brought her down to the branch. Once we then had bank statements addressed to her at my house, other things began to fall into place!
Great read! Glad you have managed the move pretty well and are enjoying your new life!
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Am so pleased for you Jim & also a tad jealous 😁.

You seem to have made the move without too many hiccups. I hope you continue to enjoy your new life in Spain 👍

Please keep us updated as would love to know how you're getting on 👍
A really good and informative read, my partner and I have always been set on retiring to Spain somewhere, still have a bit to go yet as I'm 38 and he's 44 but I'm determined to achieve it. My big worry is how hard brexit may potentially make it for those of us wanting to go and those like Jim who are already there.
May not be so easy to move after Brexit as UK citizens will be third country nationals without the right to live there. Your pension could also be affected eventually, British expats living in many countries do not get increases in pensions each year.
I agree, Judith, I think that Brexit has put a huge spanner in the works for anybody thinking of moving to Spain or other countries in the EU, whether to work or retire there. I would be very surprised if there won't be more hoops to have jump through compared to the current situation.
Thoroughly enjoyed your post Jim, I am still hopeful that I can do this myself one day, sun on your bones helps everything.

Thanks for tips
If brexit knackers the job up I'll have to find somewhere non EU to live, going to Montenegro on hols next month and that's non EU so I may scope it out as a potential retirement spot.

We both have good workplace pensions so that's a bit of extra security for our senior years.
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