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Hi Keithboy37

What a sad end to you holiday, I am sure the forum moderators will give you the name of a well-known travel solicitor to contact.

However in the meantime, why not contact you local county court for advice, they are very helpful.

You will be surprised how powerful a summons wakes people up!

Good Luck

If you haven't sent any of your letters recorded delivery - write to them again doing so (keeping a copy for yourself). They must acknowledge receipt of your letter within 14 days and then send you a detailed reply within 28 days.

If you still do not receive a reply then you can report them to ABTA and at this stage you should seek legal advice.

Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), 55-57 Newman Street, London. W1P 4AH. Tel: 0171 637 2444

Did you have any contact with your tour operator in resort to complain about this accommodation? Were you on a package holiday or did you arrange your flights and accommodation seperately?
thanks for that advice. i intent sending a letter tommorrow recorded delivery. if i do not get an answer i will take it further.

i did contact the tour operator in the morning i changed hotel, as previously explained and they placed me in another hotel at a cost of £250 extra. i was unable to contact them on the night as it was 12 midnight and we had just arrived following a long flight and a 6 hour delay. i was in no mood to wait around and we could not stay in the hotel in the state it was that night.

when the tour operators were contacted the following morning, their first response was that i should expext cockroaches in my room, as it was june and the cockroaches got everywhere. suprisingly i never saw another roach for the remainder of my holiday.

do you think i should seek legal help now. i am also considering writing to local newspapers about this. what do you think?
Have a chat with Ros Keith on 01922 621114 she will explain your rights to you and also inform you as what to do if she thinks you have a case for compensation.

Just been looking for the phone number for holiday bookers and saw this forum.

I booked a holiday with Holiday Bookers last year - not just a holiday, but my honeymoon.
We decided that we wanted to see some of the wonders of the world and opted, for what seems similar, to a trip like yours :
3 nights - Vegas - Imperial
10 nights - Florida - Ramada Inn GulfView
4 nights - Niagara Falls - The Oaks
As you said, the accomodation in Vegas was 'ok' - nothing fantastic, but for us it was clean and to be honest we were out most of the time.
We then flew into Tampa, about 11pm and headed off to the Ramada. What a nightmare! The place was disgusting, drunks rolling about on the floors, the room we were meant to be staying in was filthy, stunk, had exposed wires and what appeared to be blood splattered across the mirror - nice!
We both decided that this really didn't appeal to us, and asked the receptionist for an alternative room. She then showed us to another room, that was just as bad but she wanted an additional $30 per night! We then decided that enough was enough and checked out - in the middle of the night with no where to go.
This may seem dramatic - but see our full posting on Holidays Uncovered.
We found a taxi and stayed at the Marriott for 1 night, we then got a car and drove to Sarasota and had a fantastic 8 nights in a place called Anna Marie Island - it was beautiful.
Due to our flight up to Canada being 6am or there abouts, we then had to drive back over towards Tampa and drop the car off. We did this and ended up staying in the worse motel ever - Del Boy eat your heart out! Not exactly your ideal honeymoon!
Anyway, we then went on to Canada, and luckily the hotel there was good.

Upon our return, we wrote to Holiday Bookers with some photos, we also offered a full set from a digital camera and video footage.
We never heard anything - even though, according to them they will investigate fully within 28 days (ABTA guidance).
Since then, we have contacted them on numerous occassions - always the same thing - the 1 person they appear to have working on complaints isn't in or is 'too busy' - not exactly customer service!
I have since managed to get the Commercial Directors name and e-mailed him on the 13th May with details of our full complaint, I received a response from him on the same day saying that he would now fully investigate. Well, the 28 days are up today - and still nothing!
That's why I was looking for their telephone number!

What a story!

I have also contacted ABTA by phone on several occassions, who will investigate - however, the information that I have sent to them doesn't appear to have got there. So I'll have to re-send.

In the meantime, I have contacted the Commercial Director by phone today, who assures me that he will speak to their MD today and contact me by close of play today. I just hope he keeps to his word this time!

I really do hope that you are able to get some sort of compensation out of them - the only thing we've been offered is £450 - which bearing in mind our alternative accomodation was far greater than this it's not good enough. And being our honeymoon, it put a terrible strain on us - I was in tears from that moment onwards.
I just can't understand how a travel company can put anyone in such danger.

Please read our full complaint - you will see numerous other ones on the same website for the Ramada Inn GulfView - go to Holidays Uncovered and search for USA - Florida - Ramada Inn.
Our complaint is on there - made by K 34 and C 30 and was submitted in October 2003.

It will be interesting to see what if anything they now offer me. I really do hope that you get somewhere faster than us - it's now 8 months on and we're still nowhere!
If I do get anywhere I'll let you know.

Regards and good luck! : :x
Perhaps you might benefit from Ros's advice Kathy.
Many thanks Glynis,

I will contact Ros tomorrow - even if I do hear from Holiday Bookers Commercial Director.

I've just called him as still no response, and he's assured me - again - that he will call before 5.15pm.

It's quite worrying that they're still putting people into this place. To my suprise even more husband refused to stay there - and knowing what men are like it just goes to show how bad it actually was!!!

Many thanks again - I'll post any response onto the forum.

Good news - well sort of!

Gordon Franklin, Commercial Director, Holiday Bookers contacted me by phone this evening.

Although my problem with the Ramada isn't solved, he is going back to American Airlines tomorrow, apparently they buy the accomodation through them. Gordon, has said that he will contact me tomorrow to hopefully finalise.

I also spoke to Gordon regarding your problem. I mentioned that you had been unable to get any sort of response to your very similar issue. Due to this he has offered you his e-mail address - and direct dial number. E-mail : and his direct dial number is 0870 442 0294.

I do hope that you manage to get your problem solved a.s.a.p. like me!

Thanks again - whatever happens, I will speak to Ros first thing tomorrow.

All -
Lets just hope to get this mess with the Ramada solved a.s.a.p.!
Many thanks for the update Cathy and how nice of you to assist Keith..... :D

Well done that girl :D :D
Hi Cathy,
I would be interested to hear more about how you've resolved your holiday probs.
I've sent you a personal message with my details.
Look forward to hearing from you
Kind regards

I'm Cathys husband.

We never did get this resolved amicably, they just gave us the run around and delayed/frustrated us.

We got ABTA involved and have accepted £1000 back. (they now want to avoid arbitration) Doesn't cover anywhere near what we lost or have had to put up with but after 18 Months we have to let this go.

My advice is don't try to communicate with them, just go straight to ABTA and arbitration, it will save you a lot of frustration.



Phoenix company ? now
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