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Hotel Closed...
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P.s Sorry the title was supposed to be 'Hotel Closed' not 'Holiday Closed'!

also, This was our booking reference

Accommodation Voucher
Reserved By:
UK Travel Shop
5 sage house
319 pinner road
ha1 4hf
Lead Passenger:
Miss Leanne ****
Gokcen Hotel

Accommodation Details
Board Basis : BB
Adults : 2
Rooms : 1
Check In : 14:00 Check Out : 10:00

First Night : 30/05/2008 Last Night : 12/06/2008

Standard Twin Promo Room 2Adults

Local Agent
Yesil Dalyan Travel
Tuzla Mah 22 Metrelik yol Uzeri
609 Sok. No:50
Daire No 2-3-4
Fethiye, Mugla
Tel : 0090 252 612 8686
Fax : 0090 252 612 6360/3117
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What a nightmare for you!! I have to say I'm no expert and I suspect a phone call to Ros for expert legal advice may be the best way to go. However in the meantime, print off all the relevant internet pages that are still showing the hotel as available as further proof in addition to your confirmation. This will also show that despite the issue being brought to their attention they have not taken action by way of removing it from sale etc. Put your letter together with all proof, copies of receipts etc and send it off to get the ball rolling (keep the originals!) They do have a statutory time in which to reply, but so long as you've sent your letter within the right time frame you can do no more. If they don't play ball, then you can get the experts involved, although you can of course take advice from them in the meantime so you are prepared. Personally I would have thought you would be due a refund of all expenses occurred plus compensation, it was a dreadful position to have been left in. It was just lucky there were two of you!! Imagine if it was a lone female traveller??!

I'm sure there will be many peolpe on the board who have a good knowledge of the companies you have used and will be able to give sound advice.

Good luck

Pam :)
Travelrepublic and Medhotels have Vista faro apartments in S'algar menorca on their websites.These have been closed for the last two years.Were in S'algar last week and they still are closed.

Regards Mary.
Thanks for the input! While we were away we made sure to keep all receipts, took pictures of the closed hotel and i have the urls for the hotel website which is still up and the hotels4u url which is still advertising it.

I wouldn't have minded so much if i'd have had a good holiday, but everything really did keep going wrong, from finding a mouse in my hair whilst in bed to cockroaches to passing out at the airport going home due to hypotension and needing a drip in my arm...

Talk about a holiday from hell!!

Things can only get better i guess!

In answer to part of your original question - you claim against whoever you gave your money to, if their contractor dropped them in it that's their problem!

And my usual question - how did you pay? If it was a credit card or Visa debit card get a complaint registered with the card company immediately as well as anything else you do.

Don't worry about getting it sorted in 28 days, with most companies it takes that long to get an acknowledgement. But don't hang around, get your first complaint in quickly. In the meantime you might like to read this, note the first key fact mentions
reasonable care and skill
. I think sending you to somehwere which has closed down demonstrates a lack of that!
We used travelrepublic in march to go to Rio Playa Blanca apartments in Lanzarote,they charged for garden view but the hotels website only has two types i.e one bedroom and two bedroom and they all have garden views.they must be making a packet charging for all these extras.

Cheers Maryb
Hi there leah

Thank you so much for your post Me and five of my friends are due to stay at the Gokcen on fiday 11th july, I just happened to come across your link last night and phoned the holiday company today. They informed me that they wil be contacting the supplier who happens to be hotels4u t find out if this is true they ontacted me 3 hours later to tell me the hotel is closed an hotels4u will contact me tommorrow regarding this. I can't believe that even though you have informed them that it is closed that they took no action in letting us know if I hadn't called we would have been in the same boat as you. Do you mind if I tell them your details when complaining I am also going to reoport them to ABTA as they have purposly withheld information from us which could have been disastourose. Will keep you informed.
Thanks Again Stacey
oh and by the way I'm studying law at the moment and you have a contract with UK Travlhop as they have taken your money so you can take action aginst them but through tort you can also take action against Hotels4u for negligance please keep me informed and PM if you want any more info.

Thanks Stacey
I actually can't believe this is happening! We sent them a letter over two weeks ago, even informing them that they still have the hotel advertised, giving them the weblink and everything! I can't believe they still had not contacted you regardless! It's a disgrace!!! Yes, you are very welcome to use my details of course, if you want further info you can pm me and also if you want to see the letter which i sent to UKtravelshop you can send me your email and i'll send it to you.

I'm so glad i helped to prevent this from happening to you, as know how awful it was for me being trapped in a foreign country without anywhere to stay. I hope they sort this out for you, you deserve that at least. If you want to chat more, send me a pm

L. Gilbride
Hotels4U are owned by Thomas Cook, have you tried ringing Thomas Cook or calling into a Thomas Cook travel agents to see if they can offer any advise.

It might not be the right path to follow but could be worth a go anyway.

Thanks every one they have found us a new hotel thank god!!! but when I get back I am dfeinatley going to do something about this not the fact that the hotel was closed but that they knew and was still going to send us there. Leah I ahve tried to PM but it won;t let please try me as when I get back I'd love to chat to see were you are upto before I call. Probably would be best to do something now but jsut want to enjoy my holiday, thabks for the info Mark I will defo look into thomas cook.

I get back the 18th so wil cathch up then
Hi it won't let me PM you either... have you written to the company? I've had to write another letter cause nobody is getting back to me, i may have to take things further. Is there any way i could get your email to send my details?
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luci :wave
Hi, yes of course, i understand :whoops :duh

I've received a reply from UKtravelshop, saying they are getting in touch with as this is website we booked the hotel with (but the package is with UKtravelshop) and they have made us aware that they have 28 days to contact us, plus another 28 i guess 54 days in total, with a reply of what course of action they will take and what compensation we are to receive.
Just out of interest i went to on the they are taking bookings for the Gokcen now.Something funny going on there i think.
Hi everyone, i received a letter today from uktravelshop together with a letter from basically apologising, but stating that because they were unaware the hotel was closed, it wasn't their fault. So they have enclosed £160... £140 for the alternative hotel i payed for and a meer £20 compensation.

I'm really not happy with this offer, please could anybody give some advice whether i could perhaps get more? I mean, me and my partner payed about £300 each for this holiday we basically did not get, PLUS the £140 on top of that for the alternative hotel. Surely we deserve more than this??

Thanks for any advice i really appreciate it

Give Ros Fernihough a ring. Her details are at the top of this forum. Ros is a travel law solicitor who often assists our members. Ros will give you free advice.

Good luck
I'm now in touch with Ros, thanks very much

keep us up to date with how you get on :)
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