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Hotel Kuban
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hi, my parents have just returned from the hotel kuban and they said it was fantastic. clean, friendly and ideally situated. seen the photos, very nice and the views were breathtaking!

they have booked to go back again next summer, us with them.

i'm sure you'll have a fantastic time. :cheers

Thanks Donna :cheers

I imagine the views must be fantastic if you are up on the higher floors, as the hotel is so tall. I am considering ringing our travel agent/Balkan who we have booked with to see if we can request a room on one of the upper floors so we can have the views too. We have paid to have a sea view so why not make the most of it??

What floor were your parents on??, i assume they were quite high up....Fine as long as the lifts work :rofl

Can you let me know if their stay included free use of the aquapark on site?, as some people have said it does if booked with Balkan, and others say they were at extra cost.
I am so looking forward to it, when will you be there next year?? We fly out on 28th June from Manchester. You never know, we could be there together :tup

Thanks so much again
Jeanette :cheers :wave:
hi jeanette

they were on the 14th floor :yikes and they had sea views and all the lifts worked when they were there. bonus! :tup

the waterpark on site was free, i don't know if that was because they booked with balkan or not, need to enquire about that.

we will be flying from aberdeen on 14th june for 2 weeks, i'll be celebrating my 30th birthday! :yikes

if you have anymore questions i'll kindly ask the parents to help answer them.
;) donna.
Hi :wave:
My 2yr old daughter and I where there from 21st june to 5th july 09. We both had a great time and I would go back. I had only one wee tiny problem I stayed on the 12th floor :yikes facing straight onto the beach great.....but come bed time (10.00-10.30ish pm) my daughter wouldn't go to sleep for the noise from the clubs and bars below(noise didn't bother me). Ask if I could get moved which was no problem moved to the 13th floor :yikes :yikes still had some noise but not as bad, now I had a pool and a sea view :) . Noise was away from about 1.30-2.00ish am.
I was B&B,no complaints as all food was fresh and cooked (except one hot plate with what looked like the night before's food leftovers).
I just took the foods that I knew, scramble eggs on toast or cereal. All fruit was fresh. Very clean. Rooms have maid services every day, clean towels and bedding. Room was hoovered every day. Maids are lovely and the staff where kind and helpful. Water park and sunbeds is free to use but only if you have yours bands on you, which you get when you check-in.

All lifts (3) worked, but during breakfast and dinner time you could wait. I had to wait about 15mins but I had a buggy with me.
If you want to know anything else just ask me.

Thankyou both so much , your replies have been a real help :cheers . I think I will contact Balkan/our travel agent and request to stay on one of the higher floors, 14 or above sounds great. I don't think the noise will bother us too much as although we are not big partiers, we are night owls so dont go to bed till late anyway.
~I am so excited, even though it seems ages away yet, but this year seems to be flying, so hopefully it will pass really quickly.
Being able to use the waterpark for free will be an extra bonus ;)
All in all, the reviews from this year are positive. I know one persons expectations are completely different to the next, but when most people agree it does put the mind at ease.

Will post any other questions i have on here, and thank you for your responses in advance.

We will just miss you then Donna, you will leave as we fly in :( But hope you have a great birthday while you are there :cheers xx
Best wishes to you both, and hope we can help each other on here.
Jeanette xx :wave:
Just wantedc to check if there were any new reviews of this hotel, although what i am hearing so far seems to be good??
Thanks in advance :cheers
jeanette xx

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