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Cases packed and ready to roll!!
Car coming for us tomorrow and I think the kids are less excited than me! Mrs was very ill last year so we did not get a holiday, so we shall most definitely be making the most of this one. Will hopefully give you a glowing report when we return, or even whilst we are there (if the WiFi is free!!!)

Hasta luega amigos,

(Jonah, I'll reserve the sunbeds within view of the Sky TV for your arrival !!) :wink: :lol:
Cant fault ya ivyann, i will look out 4 ya cricket gear maybe get a game arranged over there.
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luci :wave
Thats told me :oops: ( well i am from the black country :lol: ) SORRY

Hi I will be there from the 20th, we have 3 boys, aged 5,6 adn 11.

Oops, just realised you're back already, I meant next year. Roll on 2008! :D
Jonah: Youngest lost my cricket hat at cricket match Monday night!! Therefore, look out for balding bloke with sunburnt head wearing blue shorts or brown swimming shorts, watching cricket in the bar (whilst guarding your sunbeds!!!)
PM'd you by the way.
Went to Sur Menorca last year. had a really good time.
Wish we were going this year. But we are booked at the Bahia Principe in the Dom Rep.
Still hopeing to change our hotel
We're here then!!! Flight delayed by 1.20 but no probs. As you can guess, wifi is free! Pool got drained today due to an accident with guard rail, very swiftly sorted but pool will be darned cold tomorrow!! We had spots of rain twice today!! Bit cloudy here for a day or two but picking up at weekend (good timing Jonah!!) No jellyfish to report.
SKYSPORTS is not available in the lounge as far as we can tell. SkySports news is and Eurosport on the room tellys. Beeb1 in the rooms so ladies can keep up with West Enders!!
Hotel shop has daily uk papers (better than Manchester airport who sold me a week old Motorcycle News!!)
Booked a boat trip for a week tomorrow (beach hopper thingy)
San Miguel is the draft beer (far better than estrella don't you agree chaps??!!)
Went for a walk this morning to Biniancolla, started speaking to a lady from Barcelona with her adopted ex-english dog called chester, and have got her phone number to rent the downstairs apartment of her holiday home from her next year if we are interested!! Gave us a phone number of a cheap car hire place aswell!! Very friendly round here. The first feeling Igot was how Spanish it is... i know that sounds daft, but just imagine how UN-Spanish some places can be..... Magaluf, Benidorm, San Antonio, Basingstoke?!
All the rumours were true, it is lovely here and theres still 11 days to go!!
Lovely place to be and am already chilled after just 24 LONG hours.
ivyann, pleased your liking the Sur Menorca. I knew you would, Ive no doubt you will be returning to Menorca its such a refreshing change from the Costas.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Dont forget to tell us all your exploits on your return. :D
Well, last night here.....
Interesting holiday!! All I'll say fo the moment is that the new hospital in Mao/Mahon is very clean having spent 4 hrs there on Monday!! Photos to follow!! Had bid rain today which washed part of beach away but weather has been great. I'll do a full review of our break soon. The "Jonahs" were cool and we have made lots of friends. 1st time here.............. not our last.
Well, the chinese laundry is in full swing and the Sunshine For You CD has been played around a dozen times so far today!!!
We have all had an absoloutley great holiday. I am totally relaxed from it. Surprising really, considering I broke my frameless unrepairable specs on day 5 meaning we could not hire a car and, to top it off, 4 hrs at Mahon Hospital after daughter decided to trip over her flip flops and badly broke (snapped and looked horrid) her left index finger 2 days before return :roll: . Nice shiny new hospital sorted her out with metal splint and a cast, although they where somewhat disorganised. PLEASE FOLKS, REMEMBER YOUR E111 CARDS!!
Both I and the kids made some very special friendships whilst we were there. Met up with the "Jonah Clan" who were a good laugh and the kids made some great buddies who will keep in touch via MSN etc.
All in all a great if somewhat disjointed (No pun intended!) holiday.
Will be returning within 2 years with industrial strength glasses so I can drive instead of bussing it everywhere.
I'm putting a review on the.... well review site... but whilst I'm here, just be aware if you have booked to go with First Choice.
We saw the rep at our "meet and greet" the following morning with the basic purpose of flogging excursions. Very little enthusiasm or knowledge. We were handed an envelope which we thought would hold her contact details as she failed to give us any and soon disappeared. we basically failed to see her for the rest of the holiday except when she was flogging excursions to other new arrivals. The envelope contained a welcome card and a leaflet on how not to get sun burnt! So when my glasses broke and Molly wnt a tumblin, we had know way of contacting her. Looking at the desk a letter was under the "Information" folder (again trips for sale) from a honeymoon couple complaining she had taken their money for the AI Sailing Cruise, but had failed to book it. Again they were never given contact details. HOWEVER, we found the Thomas Cook/Sunset Rep Jo, an absolute star! Very young but willing to help. SHE was ther when I bust my glasses. SHE was there to give Molly a hug and all the Hospital information (Taxis, which hossie, where to go in the hossie, what to say at reception) when Molly went over.
We won't be booking with First Choice again. May be a one off but..... once bitten....?
Well I'm off to do Sunshine Song now and jump in the canal.
just returned from my first visit - loved it and I want to book for next year - we looked before we went and could go with Thomsons 16/7/2008 from NCL for 5 of us for £2389 - my husband told me to wait until we got back, I actually checked while we were there and it is no longer on the Thompsons website - any ideas?
ivyann...Im pleased amid all the disasters you still had a great holiday.

Janeyjaz...theres plenty of other tour operaters who cover Sur Menorca. Im sure you will get fixed up with one of them.
IvyAnn, we spent 3 days in the new hospital, with our youngest son, all I can say is how fab they all were, the nurses and the doctors, somehow I know he won't get such great treatment here.
you can book it DIY if you like and lots more go to google.Hope this helps.
Got back friday from a fantastic two week chill out. Flew from East Midlands for the first time and was very impressed with the layout of the airport and the fact it wasn't too crowded. The Sur Menorca is situated between Punta Prima and Binibeca which each have two great beaches. The coastline between the two is rocky and the small villages are very pretty and well worth a look. The Hotel its self was nicely layed out and very clean. The food was well prepared and tasty with a reasonable amount of choice. On an evening the bar got very busy and you needed to queue but its to be expected when the drinks are free ( no pint glasses only slim line tumblers ) :( .

Although the main pool area got very busy there is another kiddies pool by the childrens play area towards the back of the bungalows. We spent the fortnight around this area which was deserted for the first week. Second week got busier but still only half dozen families dont know whether a short walk to the bar was a put off. This area was fantastic for the toddlers and for the adults who want peace and quiet.

The entertainment team was very good with the kids, and the visiting shows were good too. The evening kids disco was enjoyed by our 4 year old daughter although we watched with some trepidation as the stage was very close to the pool.

The courtesy bus ran frequently and was very handy although the walk was very pleasant and not far at all. I must say that the bus to Mahon which ran quarter past the hour (ish!) outside the hotel gets very busy (sardine tin). If you want to go to Mahon I suggest that you take the earliest bus, as if you have kids its not funny.

Overall the hotel was fantastic and the staff worked very hard to make our stay as pleasurable as possible.

And last but not least, met up with Ivyann and family. Good laugh had by all - his holiday experiences kept us smiling apart from his daugther and a broken finger and we all welcomed the company. Ivyann hope your daughters ok see you by the bar in ten minutes for a beer :lol:
A few photos. (Mods, I tried to upload a gallery to the HT photogallery but have not yet been successful! Will keep trying!)

1. View from our balcony.

2.The pool and stage area at night.

3. The beach at Punta Prima.

4. A sample of the snorkelling delights at Punta Prima. This was a 10 minute walk from the hotel, in between Biniancolla and Punta Prima. It's an area called Son Ganxo, and there is a bar/bistro called the Son Ganxo right next to this diving/snorkellig/sunbathing area on the rocks. So after swallowing all that salt, ideal place for a nice cold brew, with a great view, before returning to the hotel. That's a bit of orange they are eating as the restaurant had run out of bananas!!





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