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In most of the main airports you will be able to take a fear of flying course. This is an example of what it may contain.
Some people, me included, can develop a sudden fear. Years ago I had a flight with what seemed like extreme turbulence. I thought no more about it until I got on my next flight. I realised I was frightened. No matter what I said to myself , I couldn't shake it. The same happened in the following flight. I researched this before my next holiday and found great reviews for Bach's Rescue Remedy Drops. Result!! Now I know it may have been psychological but it doesn't really matter as it worked. However I had a colleague who went through all sorts of fears on a flight - she would be shaking and crying. She felt she had no option as it was the only way she could visit her daughter. She had even tried a course. I mentioned Rescue Remedy to her and the next time I saw her, she was ecstactic. She had had a calm flight.
I like this site, it's absolutely brimming with information and includes a map of the routes.

Sanji x
Not sure I could manage all that way on a train...
Great link Sanji 👍 also provide coach/ ferry breaks. My friend & I have been on a few.
I love that site Sanji - it is a mine of information for people like me who aren't afraid of flying but just prefer to travel by train.

Matt, don't judge mainland European trains by the standards of our trains - it really is a completey different and more pleasurable experience. It is my preferred way of travel within mainland Europe - it makes getting there all part of the holiday. For example, a couple of years ago, I friend and I decided to revisit Berlin where we had both spent time as students long before the Wall came down and we travelled by train all the way. Our through tickets costs €49 each way (roughly £80 return at that time) and we left on the 11am Eurostar to Brussels where we changed onto the DBahn express train for Berlin, enjoyed a delicious two course freshly cooked meal and bottle of wine between the two of us for €22 per head (all served up at table laid with a damask tablecloth and proper cutlery, crockery and glasses etc. We arrived at the the central rail station in the middle of Berlin time to take a cab to our hotel, freshen up and go out for dinner and be sat down eating it by 8pm local time (bear in mind that Berlin was an hour ahead of the UK at the time).

Central London to central Berlin in roughly 8 hrs, arriving feeling relaxed, far better fed and watered than on a locost airline, no extra charges for luggage etc, no queuing for security, no hanging around in departure lounges, and no treks to/from an airport miles away from the centre of our destination city. We might have been able to do it more quickly going via either Gatwick or Stanstead but I doubt that we'd have done it for much cheaper and we certainly wouldn't have done it in such comfort!
Lovely report SMa 👍

Reminded me of the time in the 70's when my bf & I were living in Holland. Contractors had a few weeks holiday so we decided to buy Interrail tickets & travel down to Greece.

The tickets also gave you a discount on the ferries so it was a bargain way to Island hop once we got to Athens.

What I remember most was the sellers entering the compartments with baskets of food. No damask tablecloths for us 😂 we were lucky if we got a paper plate 😁
Have to admit that I've never flown and have a massive fear of flying, but it hasn't stopped me seeing France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium et al via coach hols

However, my partner can't do the coach hols I used to do with my ex so we've had to reassess things .... and ended up discovering the wonderful channel islands, and also Cornwall (and the Cotswolds this year too) There are lots of great places in the UK to visit and I'm guilty of being no further north than Inverness or Aberdeen in my own nation, so I need to rectify that too (maybe the North Coast 500?)

The only problem with long haul coach / rail is that these kind of sites talk about Paris etc being just a few hours away as if everyone is living in the south east ..... it's already a long haul for us Scots to reach mainland Europe before we embark on a more distant destination

I do have visions of a round the world cruise at some point but the other half aint that keen on boats .. what a pair :D
I take your point, Cidermonster, I live on the east coast of Scotland myself but I make great use of the Caledonian Sleeper service. I can pick it up at my local station (10 mins walk from house) at roughly my usual bedtime, have a hot chocolate in the lounge car, hit my pit and wake up refreshed at Euston. But then I can sleep on a clothes' line!

Travelling anywhere out of the UK involves me in allowing at least 3hrs before check-in to get to the nearest airport serving international destinations but more often than not even further for longhaul. For example, I'm off to Cuba in October which means travelling down to Manchester on the Sunday, staying over in a hotel near the airport and eventually taking off on the Monday some 20 hrs after leaving home and it doesn't make that much difference time wise whether I'm flying or taking the train to get there. I'll still have to leave home around mid-day. The trick is to find ways of making the journey part of the holiday and that often means that the most relaxing and enjoyable way of travelling within Europe at least is to use the sleeper train down to Kings Cross and then take the short walk next door to St Pancreas and we're off :-)

And do take yourself north of Inverness and Aberdeen - the coast of Sutherland is magnificent with beautiful white sandy beaches set against awesome mountain backdrops. And once you are in Caithness it is a relatively short ferry hop to Orkney.
I'll certainly be taking myself further north, love Inverness but hated the drive there, the sooner the dualling of the A9 is finished the better .... years of neglect of our roads! :(

Maybe one day i'll make it into Europe via alternative means :)
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