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Where is abroad?
They come to London from abroad
and I want to provide all services for them
Have you not asked a similar question in the past under another name?

Understood you the first time when you said
but that can be from anywhere, if we know where they are coming from then we might be able to help but You asked

What tour operate can organise a trip in London ( accommodation and all excursions) for a group of people of 30 from abroad.

So we assume from that you need it organising from their home country

You have the Username
Is that your occupation?
About 30 people from France or Germany or Israel want to come to London for 5 or 7 days
And they have asked me to organise this trop from an airport to an airport ( transferring , accommodation, excursions). I want to outsource everything to a local tour company
You appear to be based in the uk and a travel agent so this is a very strange request.
Correct, I am in Sheffield, but I am an International Business Consultant and I receive such enquiries from my overseas customers time to time
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