I'm one of many people who keep a topped up travellers cashcard just in case of emergency when travelling. I tend never to use it - it is just there ready in case of whatever.
Mine is an ICE card, a fairly decent thing, they provide a spare card in case yours is lost, and the top-up charges seem fair.
By chance today I checked my eMail system SPAM folder. And in there was an urgent mail from ICE telling me that I MUST logon to my ICE account and notify them whether or not I want to swap to their new card.
And if I don't..... my current ICE card will cease to work in December.
I only found this eMail by chance, and the Yahoo automated SPAM filters seem to seek out things which promise you cards - and dump them into SPAM where they sit for 30 days and then are deleted forever. I do NOT think this message is truly SPAM.
So folks - if you have a current ICE card - you must take action or you will likely have problems coming.
- and do regularly check SPAM folders in your eMail systems. They don't always do things right.
AND of course NEVER, NEVER, NEVER EVER click on any link in a SPAM eMail.