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Is this a scam?
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What time did you arrive at the accomodation? If you travelled on a night flight arriving in the early hours then that unfortunately is classed as your first night. The room (allegedly) will have been reserved for you from the previous day. This should have been pointed out to you when you booked by your travel Agent.
The room is reserved for guests from the previous day and therefore is not allegedly reserved for them.

You either sell the room to someone else from non if they are coming in on an afternoon flight or you keep it for the person arriiving 2 am the following morning.

You do have a few exeptions with people who have landed at 5am at the airport so will not get to the accommodation until say 7am then the sensible thing to do s to go get a breakfast and a few drinks until they can get into their room at 14:00 which is the normal check in time anywhere but depending on how flexible and quiet the hotel is they sometimes let them in early.

We arrived at the accomodation at about 6.00 am - yes they DID class the previous night as the first night but our argument was that how could it be our first night when we were still in Manchester!
We weren't told about this by the travel agent because we probably wouldn't have booked this particular holiday if we known about it - or at the very least we could have arranged beforehand to pay for the courtesy room - we were lucky there was one available otherwise we could have been transferred to another hotel or been stuck in reception overnight :(
unfortunately this seems to happen to loads of people, because you checked in before 12 midnight in manchester then that is classed as the first night, it does seem a bit unfair thought particularly when you flight home wasnt until 7.00am and thas one hell of a wait if you had to check out at 10.00 am the previous day.

some thing similar happened to me last year but nearly as bad, got the the hotel for 2.00am in morning and flight home was also about 2.00am and had to check out at 12.00 lunch time the previous day which meant hanging around for ages, dont think its a scam as its clearly stated in the terms and condition in the brochure
Hi Lesley,

Now that to me does seem rather unfair.

We sell you might say DIY holidays and we don't work like that.

If your flight isn't leaving until 23:00 and you arrive at Dalaman 05:00 you can expect to get to the resorts at about 07:00 after you have gone through visa and customs so you just book your room for that day if you want.

In answer to your question no it isnt and is standard with all holiday companies operating night flights.
The night flight is the time of departure Ex UK but even on an 0700 departure from Greece you have 0500 check-in probably picked up from hotel 0330/0400 that is night.
yes it is a pain having to vacate your room so many hours before departure hence night flights are usually cheaper than day flights.
On the day of your departure there maybe the new customers arriving on a morning flight so they would need to occupy it by the afternoon.

Kind Regards
Why are holiday companies not honest & call holiday length the no of nights in hotel in resort & stop trying to fool us all No wonder so many people are going DIY :roll: :roll:
It wouldnt surprise me if they change soon because it seems to be the latest complaint ( book a cheap night flight, well aware of the timings there and back and then complain that you didnt get 7 nights.). But can they say 1 weeks holiday someone will want compo if they dont get 168 hours ( will be difficult to do as will the first 2-3 hours on the aircraft count as the holiday or when you actually arrive ). Can they say 7 days oh dear what do we mean by day.

I guess a few first timers get confused but I think the majority of people booking a night flight are well aware of the implications. Same if you get a destination based airline reduces your holiday by about half a day but normally provides convenient local departures.

7 days, 7 nights, 1 week tell me waht should they call it 6 and half nights ( depending on the flight time )

Have been stung myself over the years and now refuse to fly at night,if I can help it. Last experience was Salou where the bar staff turned the lights out in the bar where 20 odd of us were sat killing 3 hours till the coach turned up.

If we hadn't any kids in tow then I'd consider it again, but its not fair on kids of any age, or adults to have to hang around that long.

Thats another reason why people are booking their holidays independently.

The night flights aren't even that much cheaper either and you still pay £40 ish (depending on regional charges) flight supplement for the pleasure of flying at 2am in the morning from yr departure airport.

Thats me off my soapbox.
I'm sorry but when you book a weeks holiday & then get a bare 6 days its a con as far as I'm concerned Go DIY then at least if it isn't correct you know who to blame As for me tour companies are rubbish overcharging mosst reps couldn't care less only interested in selling excursions ( I know the argument about their wages thats their problem )

When I go on holiday I expect to be treated as a valued customer not something I stood on on the pavement
Hear, hear Kath! It was hardly a cheap holiday (£1000 for 4 of us for a week) It was 1/2 term week and we went a day early to save a bit of money but if we had been made aware of the situation about vacating the room we would never have booked this holiday.
The reason I originally said 'Is this a scam?' is because every week there will be people paying extra for that 7th night for a courtesy room so basically on the Thursday night the hotel got 25 euros from us for the courtesy room as well as the money off whoever was to get our room.
For some people it was even worse because they were able to stay in the same room but had to pay a supplement in order to keep it for that 7th night. Again the hotel was getting double money for that room.
A friend went to the same resort the same week as us and she booked the flights and rooms separately and did not have this problem - going DIY DOES seem to be the answer but I would only have the confidence to do this somewhere I'd been before.
Try it to somewhere you have been before the first time you will be amazed how easy it is :lol: :lol: :lol:
Kath when you book a holiday surely you look at the flight times and therefore know exactly what times you are travelling and how long you will be in resort. If you know this information how is it a scam. Yes go DIY is one to solve this problem but if DIY on a night flight you still are not going to get 7 nights. You might avoid paying for 1 nights accommodation but you could also sit around for hours until you can get in to your room.

£250.00 for one weeks holiday ( flight, accommodation, transfers )at half term is certainly not expensive.

Its a choice thing, choose a night flight with the benefits of lower costs but has its drawbacks. I'm with one ofm the other posters I would pay the extra for daytime flights as with kids and also more convenience. Not always an option on some routes and froim some airports I know.

Was the tour operator First Choice by any chance. They specialise in this. Ok, its not only First Choice, but looking on airport arrivals/departures board its mainly FCA flights that have these wild and wacky 00:01 and 00:30 departures etc...

Just be careful. Look at the back of your brochure at flight times, unless its an unbeatable last minute deal with a rediculous price, then shop around. You'll probably be able to find another tour operator or travel agent that can offer you the same price with good flights...
very true bagand96, mine was with first choice, does make you wonder.

Having seen someone just book a flight for £12.50 each way on BMI baby to Paris, the separate option does seem more attractive.

Either way we're all over a barrel.
My holiday was with Panorama so it seems several companies do this then. We did not read the small print because we booked when in the travel agents just a few weeks before we went - Lunn Poly have admitted their staff should have pointed this out to us.
In future I will definitely read the small print! :?
All companies that operate a night flight do this, not just one or two. Somebody name one that doesnt. The downside of the night flight has always been in effect one less night and a lot of hanging around on the last day with your bags packed.
As long as you know this when you pay your money and book your holiday then I dont see a scam. I guess first timers may get caught out but would wonder if they would fare any better DIY.
Would have major gripe if moved from day to night flight after booking as this would be totally different to what was booked.

Has anybody actually thought about the fact that the hotel have to get the cleaners in at whatever time people vacate the room. So, in the case of staying on in room an extra night until say 3 or 4 am when the coach leaves for the airport, the cleaners are there ready to get the room in order for the arrivals at 6 or 7 am. So be fair folks, package holidays are very reasonably priced, and just pay up and be happy! :D :D :D

I think you only have yourself to blame, if you didn't accept these stupid flight times the industry would have to get there act together.
Example ; Manchester Airport at 14:00-16:00hrs quite not many flights

01:00-04:00 lots of nutters travelling, missing out on a day outbound then arriving back at some godforsaken time full of jet lag but only been flying 2 hours.
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