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I don't know how many times I have worried over weather forecasts to find they were wrong! Glad you had a great time and some interesting information.
I am going to Zante in July. First time back to Greece for many years and am a bit apprehensive of the prices I will find. Everything was so cheap way back then. Those prices you quoted don't seem too bad though.
Many thanks 12noon for your trip report 👍 Prices seem really reasonable.

Shame about the acts all coinciding with each other. You'd think they'd space them out so that they aren't in so much competition, but maybe they are fighting for the clients & hope they'll stay after watching the show.
I stayed in sidari a few years back stayed somewhere I think called the sunny beach paid for Late checkout with tui but the owner didn't honour it and was treated quite badly had a bad holiday there but loved the place SIdari
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